Sevdaliza “Human”[Intrepretation]

This music video is on the deep side. O-O If you pay attention to more than a woman in jeweled pasties dancing in the dirt.

She’s in a horse arena.
Usually horses are groomed and dressed in jewels just to be presented in this area.
The grooming for this sort of event usually takes so long.

Just like how an artist/performer takes a very long time and lots of effort to present their art piece.

But a lot of times people don’t see all the background effort that goes into that along with thinking of these artists/performers as a kind of super human. When really they are just human beings.

When she takes off the robe and you can see the jeweled pasties(?) the lyrics at that part are:
“I am sweat, flaws
I have veins, scars
I am human
Nothing more than human.”

Also, Sevdaliza is Iranian-Dutch, so looking at this video I also thought of: Whatever differences we may seem to have aren’t what makes us more or less of a human. We all are the same thing inside.

Response: REOL “Σ” (Sigma) XFDMovie


(Edited: I highly apologize for the wall of text. For some reason I can not put line breaks between tracks. I am doing my best to fix this format issue.

I don’t follow REOL closely-well not as closely as I see other people doing. I feel like many fans that do follow her closely are very very happy that her face appears in the music video for “Gimme a Break” Anyways, overall I really like the album preview of “Sigma” which is going to be REOL’S first album. (To the point where I wished I had money to buy it.)

I definitely had trouble writing my opinion on the overall SOUNDS of certain songs. (I’m going to blame my limited music knowledge) Due to my low Japanese level, I will not be analyzing any Japanese lyrics. Additionally, even if I did had the level I definitely am not knowledge when it comes to Japanese songwriting. I think it would be quite important for me to know about Japanese songwriting since it’s quite different from how U.S writes music due to traditions, languages and music trends.

Responding: track by track

Due to my limited knowledge of Japanese, I did not write all the track titles down. Once I learn the names of the track titles I will write them. 

I really like the intro part 0:12 – 0:20
How it goes:
OH! (oh) OH! (oh)
Track 1: VIP KID
“I’m Lonely
Donna ni (whoa whoa)”
It’s a good track overall. I don’t really have much to say because the impact of just the sound didn’t really hit me. However, I am totally open to feeling a whole different way once I learn the meaning of the song.
Track 2: Gimme a Break
“Gimme a Break stop now!
(oh) (oh) (oh)
Gimme a break stop now!”
The music video, REOL actually shows her face but don’t expect any complicated choreography
Track 3:
I like how it’s a mix of traditional and modern Japanese music.
Track 4: Konoyo Loading  
I like the old 32 or 64 bit video game sound this song has. The title I have written for this track may be wrong.
Track 5: RE:
The bass. ❤ I wish I could write more but this is one of the songs that I just can’t put my thoughts into words for it. I’m sure there will come a day when I can actually put my thoughts about this song into feelings. Once I get that ability to do so, I’ll come back to this blog post and edit it. Let’s hope I’ll still feel the same way about this song as I do now. Though feelings for songs tend not to change for me.
Track 6: Lunatic
I like how it’s like a kind of dreamy song and the sound of the bass.
The picture shown during the album preview matches the picture I get when I hear this song, starry skies. The effect done on her voice was very nice.
Track 7:
It’s a nice song that’s more, mellower? Than the other songs. XD I’m not sure if “mellower” would be the right word to describe it but it’s definitely one of the few that has a different feeling to than the others in terms of energy.  (Like Track 6, 11 and 12.) I think that it’s very nice that REOL’s album has songs like this so they’re not all very similar to each other.
Track 8: Chiru Chiru
It’s a nice energetic song. It has quite an uplifting feel to it.
Track 9: -Final Sigma-
I like the electronic instrument that was used in this. Has a very clubby feel to it. Not in the sense of dancing, but in the sense that its one of the songs where everyone just jumps around to the beat.
Track 10: DetaramE KiddinG
This song is kinda hard. XD Like a hardcore remix of a video game’s theme.
Track 11: Samuuhoraa partii
It has a nice feeling to it. I can’t put into words the kind of feeling it is. It’s on the more mellower side for sure, but I wouldn’t call it dreamy or relaxing-just nice.
Track 12: 404 not found
It’s like a electronic slow jam! If that makes sense. It’s another song that’s more mellow than the other songs. I like how REOL’s vocals sounds kinda distant in the beginning of the preview than coming to the foreground.
Track 13: VIORA
The bass~ ❤ This song goes kinda hard too. I can totally imagine someone doing a hip-hop dance to it.

Wanna watch! Film Edition 4: 2019 & 2020 films

The fourth edition of the Wanna Watch! Film Edition series. This is a very biased list.



It’s so fun to yell out “SHAZAM”! I’m sure after the movie comes out I’m going to think differently and not want to yell out “Shazam” ever again. Well, that’s if that movie gets super popular.

2.The Incredibles 2

I am very curious as to what Jack Jack is like now. And will we see Frozone’s wife? The one that is his only greater good?


I saw the stage musical. I’m slightly excited and mostly hoping it won’t come out as Rock of Ages. I LOVED the Rock of Ages musical, I hated the movie.


Obviously my inner DC fangirl is screaming for these two movies.


Like the Black Panther in the previous list, I wasn’t expecting Cyborg to have his own stand-alone movie planned until like 44 years from now, when I’m 65. 

2.Green Lantern Corps

I remember clearly how disappointed people were when it wasn’t John Stewart in the standalone Green Lantern movie. I also clearly remember seeing in the trailer of Deadpool, cracks being shot towards that Green Lantern movie. I wonder if we are going to see a Star Sapphire cameo in this? If so I’d like it to be either Fatality or Carol Ferris. (Maybe if possible both? Have Carol Ferris be in it and someone make a joke that refrences Fatality in someway? Or vice versa.)


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Wanna Watch! Film Edition 3: 2018 films

Part three of the Wanna Watch! Film Edition series. This is a very biased list.

1.Black Panther

I never thought this would get a movie while I am still young. I expected a movie version of this to come out when I’m 65, 44 years from now.

2. Tomb Raider

I still haven’t actually played this game yet. (I played like a 30 minute demo, I wouldn’t count that) And I refuse to use emulators I want an actual console. Yes, I’m picky like that.

3. Aquaman

Jason FREAKIN Momoa! I still want to see him in more roles. If Justice League doesn’t restore Aquaman’s rep in the general public this should! 

4. Jungle Book

I’m very interested in this. The child playing Mowgli is Rohan Chand, who is NOT a newcomer child actor. He is thankfully of Indian descent. Theatre is diverse and in a different world than film, so I’m perfectly fine with character’s not matching ethnicites. However, film has a very long history of having mostly those of European descent playing characters of Asian, African, Pacific-Islander, etc descent WHILE at the same time people of color are not given many roles. Frustatingly, when they do actually get roles its like the same cliched, stereotypical and or romanticized character that’s been done since like the 1950s. Slowly, this trend of stereotypical roles is changing, thank goodness. Though the changes at times are just having a non-white person play a white character, it’s something but it’ll be nice to just make new characters in general.

5. Mary Poppins Returns

I’m curious about this, the children have grown up in this film and the actors are all different. A certain person from Hamilton and In the Heights is going to be in this.

6. Animated Spider-Man

I’m just hoping for Black Cat to be in it. XD

7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Benedict Cumberbatch will be the Grinch in this movie and to me it sounds interesting. I honestly wonder how this will come out.

8. S.C.O.O.B

This live action movie is suppose to be apparently the first of many Hanna Barbera live action films. Yep. Hanna Barbera is doing what Marvel and DC have been doing for years. Good luck! I hope to see Josie and the Pussycats.

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Wanna watch! Film Edition 2: 2017 films

The second part of Wanna Watch! Film Edition. A very biased list of films I want to watch in the year of 2017.

1.Beauty and the Beast

My dream musical/theatre role is to be Babette (The feather duster). I’ve seen Lumiere  (candle) and Cogsworth (clock) picture teasers and it’s very interesting! Especially since Lumiere doesn’t seem to have a face….

2. Power Rangers

GO GO POWER RANGERS! Yea, this is mostly because of nostalgia.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

I don’t really watch or consume that many Marvel materials. The first movie was interesting.

4. Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man Tell no tales

I think we will see Will Turner’s (Orlando Bloom) son finally all grown up! WHOOO!

5. Wonder Woman

I’m a DC fangirl. I wonder which of the many Wonder Woman backstories they will use for this one? And yes, your memory is correct I did spoil about this film in the first list.

6. Spider-Man: Homecomming

To be honest, I’m just here for Zandaya. XD It’ll be nice if there was a Black Cat refrence or something.

7. Justice League

Surely, this will heal Aquaman’s (Jason Momoa) sullied reputation, the one that was destoryed by Super Friends for the general public. Also, JASON FREAKIN MOMOA! I follow his instagram, he’s a cool person. I want to see him in more roles. 

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Wanna watch! Film Edition 1: 2016 films

This is pretty much a very biased and personal list of films I want to watch that was released this or will be released this year.


Was so happy when this got released. Cause…I won’t be struggling to find Deadpool merchandise. XD I still haven’t finished this game. One of the very few marvel things I touch. The rest would be X-Men, Blade, Iron Man and Black Cat.

2.Suicide Squad

Okay, this film ended up cutting out a good chunk of Joker and Joker and Harley Quinn scenes. I kinda feel bad for Jared Leto but at least he got paid. I kinda want to watch it because at least Katana and El Diablo are still there. So maybe my DC inner fangirl will be satsified with that?

3. Zootopia

I like bunnies. I see the main character is bunnies. But I’ve also heard it had some deep messages in it.

4. Alice Through the Looking Glass

Oh this is going to be so hard to watch. It was a dream of mine to work with Alan Rickman [RIP] and this is like the last Alan Rickman and Tim Burton film. I’m going to cry y’all if I see this! Robbie Kay, Elliot Knight, Taraji P.Henson and Benedict Cumberbatch, I hope they all live long enough so I can at least fulfill those dreams.

5. Warcraft

I never played this game. Since like 2007, I’ve been in an seemingly endless debate with myself on whether or not to play this game. This movie, like the game seems very interesting. The problem is, will I ACTUALLY decide on watching it or will I be having an endless debate with myself?

6. Finding Dory

I don’t know what to say for this. I wanna watch ’cause its a sequel 

7. The Legend of Tarzan

I like Jane in this movie. That is all, I just want to see that nice yellow dress in live action. It’s a dress that comes from eras ago and I like old historical stuffs like that.

8. The Secret Life of Pets

Remember when I said I liked bunnies? Pretty much the reason why I want to watch it.

9. Batman: The Killing Joke

Did I mention I was a DC fangirl? Yes? Well this is one of the stories where Joker’s backstory isn’t a mystery he actually has a backstory. But Joker like Wonder Woman [who you’ll see later in this list series. oops spoiler] has so many different backstories

10. Sausage Party

I will be that person eating a hot dog as I watch this. Though, in one of the trailers I couldn’t help but notice that toilet paper was alive. So, shockingly, it seems to be more than just living food.

Yet to be released:


She’s a pacific islander Disney characte  AND a newcomer voice actress. OH MY GOSH! FINALLY. It’s nice to see new blood. I’ve seen the trailer and it’s so beautifully animated.

2. Assassin’s Creed

The story does NOT connect with the video game. But I’m a history fangirl, which is pretty much the reason why I played Assassin’s Creed. I’m curious as to how this will turn out. 

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Lester Holt and School System

This content was originally posted on another site, but I decided to move it here. It was posted January 9, 2016.

NOTE THIS POST IS ABOUT THE SCHOOL STYSTEM IN A SPECIFIC STATE OF U.S–electric–education-strategy-is-making-a-difference-598805059508


I believe this is very helpful for those who have attention disorders. Seriously, sitting down all day is not helpful at all if someone has that. If anything it just makes things worse.
Additionally, this approach can also be very helpful for those who are smart but school isn’t for them. School isn’t a place with an environment that fits everyone.
I believe that the environment of schools could also be different if certain systems in place were changed like standards and teacher grading.
I know I am very fortunate to have very good teachers throughout my entire school career. Most of them were quite passionate about their work and cared for their students. I even have some of them on social media as part of my friend’s list. They even taught me certain things that wasn’t part of the standards. However, I feel as though the standards that were in place when I learned and even now kind of held them back. At times, I felt as though we all had to rush just to meet the standards in place.
I have talked with many people about their school experinces and what I have gotten from them is: “I didn’t learn anything and took it with me. I just passed this class.”
And at this point of this very long response to this video. I am starting to believe I should write a letter to the state’s government.