The Alphabet smilies

Got bored and did this.

:A A dude yapping…or Dat @$$
:C Frown
😀 Happy
:E Buck teeth
:F Sticking my tongue out! Snaggle tooth?
:G So shocked my pocky is falling out!
:H Trying to eat the pocky vertically!
:I Meh, it’s a capital i.
:J Snorkling!
:K chopsticks in my mouth!
:L Smoking…or pocky out of my mouth while it’s closed
:M Nag nag, to the upside. I ish yapping. I ish pacman!
:N Trying to get pocky horizontally
😛 Sticking my tonge out.
:Q Look, I’m talking with pocky/cig in my mouth.
:R Trying to grab pocky with my tongue sticking out of my mouth
:S My lip is a quiver.
:T I ish eating MAH cereal. YOU can’t have any!! Also, cool story bro.
:U AHHHH, to the upside.
:V WAKA WAKA, to the upside
:W NAG NAG, to the downside
:X Sour…or pouting
:Y whisssssppppaaahhh.
:Z Futurama mouth?!


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