Personal blog

So I’ve made changes around this blog. It’s no longer going to be this random thing that I feel like playing around with the features with.

This blog will now be my own personal blog. I hope with this it’ll prevent me from using Facebook like it’s my own personal blog, which I feel is not the point of the service.

All those thoughts deep and shallow of mine about the world, politics, education and life I will put on here.

I will put on here also any new clothes that I bought and want to share with…maybe. XD

But most importantly I’ll use this blog to talk about my music tastes and whenever I feel like pointing out a specific song or artist.

I have also decided to use my real name here because I wanted one place besides social media like Facebook, where I won’t be behind an alias. So it’s very likely this is a place that will be shared with friends and family.


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