Results of Rarely Speaking Japanese

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私:”シシクしちゃおうのイヤよイヤよ....”でも歌は:”シクシクしちゃおうのイヤよイヤよ...” What happens when you don’t use a language enough. D:

[My lyrics mistake that I made. Me:”Shishiku shichaou no iya yo iya yo…” but the song is: “shiku shiku shichaou no iya yo iya yo.”]


PPG 2016: Response to clip

This content was originally posted on another site, but I decided to move it here. It was posted February 12, 2016.

…This would be the 2nd time they rebooted. This time the art is a bit more closer to the original for the girls but everyone else looks like they were drawn in the art style of a recent CN show.

On top of that the voices. D: No Tara Strong (Bubbles), Elizabeth Daily (Buttercup) and Cathy Cavadini (Blossom). Though, the people coming back are Tom Kenny (narrator,mayor), Roger L. Jackson (Mojo jojo) and Jennifer Hale (But not as Princess).

I’m partially happy and partially sad.

Lolita caged 46 years. Alone for 36.

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About to be 46 years of Lolita being in captivity.
And, about to be around 36 years of Lolita being alone in captivity without seeing another orca.
For Lolita to be alone for that long period of time is quite terrible. Orcas are social animals. They need orca companions. Additionally, Lolita doesn’t really do anything but shows. There’s no activity for her to do for a large portion of time.
The killer whale also has a tank that is too small even by regulations. I believe regulations says at least 48 feet in all ways. But her tank isn’t like that horizontally it is 80 feet, however vertically it is 35 feet. Though I personally believe 48 feet is too small, people should aim to be higher than the minimum.
I would be amazed if this orca has not lost her mind yet, because at this point I would’ve lost my mind.
She was not saved from anything. Lolita was essentially taken from her mother along with orcas and put into this sea circus. The Miami Seaquarium had stated their shows were educational but the facts they have given was wrong. There’s also the fact that when they talked about keeping her in captivity because of the wild, their points about the wild were quite skewed.
Recently, they have ended the shows but, they refuse to let her free or even go with a plan that has been proposed countless times. It’s not even a bad plan either.

MNL48: AKB48 in Philipines

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Not even the Philipines is safe from AKB48. Since there’s going to be a MNL48.…/
“original roster has 48.”
But currently there’s like 100+ members in total. AKB48 isn’t a girl group it’s actually a SUPER girl group. Super Girl group is when a girl group is made up of multiple girl groups. In AKB48 case it’s made up of girl group Team A, Team B, Team K and then it has like it’s own trainee group. Which girl gets to go into which single is decided by votes and rock paper scissors.

…I’m not a fan of AKB48. It’s just they’re like everywhere! I can’t watch no Japanese talk show (variety show) without seeing at least one person that is or was in AKB48.

This is placed within Japanese Music because: 1. The creator of this system is Japanese 2. It’s a sister group of a Japanese band  3. It is very likely that MNL48 like other sister groups of AKB48 will be singing AKB48 songs in their respective language.

Lahore Acid Attacks: Short response

This is taken from a social media post that was posted on Apr 19. 6:09 pm.

I learned that even rejected suitors do this to women. I knew that husbands and relatives have done this. I am quite scared for women in this region. I am glad victims are getting help but I am scared because punishment isn’t the consequence for those that do this. While Lahore is a pretty city I think it’ll be more beautiful if more things are done against the attackers.



Punk Storm N Blue Elf: Movie Trailer Edition

I’m not going to deny that this is pretty much one big complaint here.

Sooo….are we going to talk about Nightcrawler and Mystique in this or nah?

Also, c’mon peoples again with the whole Nightcrawler sketching stuff on his skin for every one of his sins?
Like you could totally just cut out the amount of time it takes to do his make-up if you just cut out that entire piece that wasn’t even in the comics anyways.
Also, I clearly remember a staff member stating Nightcrawler wasn’t going to appear in any future movies because the make-up took too long.

And if you feel so bad about cutting out self-harming Nightcrawler than how about you replace it with Nightcrawler’s comedic side. Which IS in the comics.

….This movie has mohawk Storm. My least favorite Storm design.

Also, didn’t mohawk Storm come out in like the 80s?
Didn’t the designer of said design said it was a joke?
I’m asking the questions but I know the answer quite well to them. I actually, against what I felt like NOT doing-checked up to see if it was true.

And it is. Mohawk Storm was created in the 80s and the designer did it as a joke…
But the joke is on the designer I guess because they actually let that be Storm’s design in the comics for awhile.

It’s hard for me to take that in and really, truly believe they actually let that happened. That someone thought it was a good design and approved it.


Yet, I still want to watch this.

It looks great.

Also, this film would be totally amazing! Well, it’ll be totally amazing if I just forget all the comics I read and look at it as JUST a movie and NOT a movie based upon a comic that’s been around for decades.

That’s the ending of this complaint about X-Men: Apocalypse, specifically about Nightcrawler and Punk Storm.