Lolita caged 46 years. Alone for 36.

This content was originally posted on another site, but I decided to move it here. It was posted March 28, 5:45 pm.
About to be 46 years of Lolita being in captivity.
And, about to be around 36 years of Lolita being alone in captivity without seeing another orca.
For Lolita to be alone for that long period of time is quite terrible. Orcas are social animals. They need orca companions. Additionally, Lolita doesn’t really do anything but shows. There’s no activity for her to do for a large portion of time.
The killer whale also has a tank that is too small even by regulations. I believe regulations says at least 48 feet in all ways. But her tank isn’t like that horizontally it is 80 feet, however vertically it is 35 feet. Though I personally believe 48 feet is too small, people should aim to be higher than the minimum.
I would be amazed if this orca has not lost her mind yet, because at this point I would’ve lost my mind.
She was not saved from anything. Lolita was essentially taken from her mother along with orcas and put into this sea circus. The Miami Seaquarium had stated their shows were educational but the facts they have given was wrong. There’s also the fact that when they talked about keeping her in captivity because of the wild, their points about the wild were quite skewed.
Recently, they have ended the shows but, they refuse to let her free or even go with a plan that has been proposed countless times. It’s not even a bad plan either.

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