Punk Storm N Blue Elf: Movie Trailer Edition

I’m not going to deny that this is pretty much one big complaint here.


Sooo….are we going to talk about Nightcrawler and Mystique in this or nah?

Also, c’mon peoples again with the whole Nightcrawler sketching stuff on his skin for every one of his sins?
Like you could totally just cut out the amount of time it takes to do his make-up if you just cut out that entire piece that wasn’t even in the comics anyways.
Also, I clearly remember a staff member stating Nightcrawler wasn’t going to appear in any future movies because the make-up took too long.

And if you feel so bad about cutting out self-harming Nightcrawler than how about you replace it with Nightcrawler’s comedic side. Which IS in the comics.

….This movie has mohawk Storm. My least favorite Storm design.

Also, didn’t mohawk Storm come out in like the 80s?
Didn’t the designer of said design said it was a joke?
I’m asking the questions but I know the answer quite well to them. I actually, against what I felt like NOT doing-checked up to see if it was true.

And it is. Mohawk Storm was created in the 80s and the designer did it as a joke…
But the joke is on the designer I guess because they actually let that be Storm’s design in the comics for awhile.

It’s hard for me to take that in and really, truly believe they actually let that happened. That someone thought it was a good design and approved it.


Yet, I still want to watch this.

It looks great.

Also, this film would be totally amazing! Well, it’ll be totally amazing if I just forget all the comics I read and look at it as JUST a movie and NOT a movie based upon a comic that’s been around for decades.

That’s the ending of this complaint about X-Men: Apocalypse, specifically about Nightcrawler and Punk Storm.



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