Gullah Geechee Reading

This is a repost of something I posted on another site on Jan 3, 2016.

Been reading about Gullah Geechee recently.
I want to complete all the goals listed here. So far part of Goal 1 has been completed with this post and previous posts made. “Public Awareness”. I still need to research more for the appreciation part.
Goal 1: Foster public awareness of and appreciation for the history of Gullah Geechee people, their contributions to the development of the United States, and their connections to the African diaspora and other international cultures.
Goal 2: Enhance the quality of life for current and future generations of Gullah Geechee people within the Corridor.
Goal 3: Protect, preserve, and restore tangible and intangible natural and cultural resources in communities and other areas that are of cultural and historical significance to Gullah Geechee people.
There’s many reasons why I want to do this. But a big one is the fact that this community is at risk of disappearing. It’s too unique and important to just disappear. I can not think of any other place in U.S that for centuries, has a strong hold on African culture, traditions, language and food.

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