Lester Holt and School System

This content was originally posted on another site, but I decided to move it here. It was posted January 9, 2016.




I believe this is very helpful for those who have attention disorders. Seriously, sitting down all day is not helpful at all if someone has that. If anything it just makes things worse.
Additionally, this approach can also be very helpful for those who are smart but school isn’t for them. School isn’t a place with an environment that fits everyone.
I believe that the environment of schools could also be different if certain systems in place were changed like standards and teacher grading.
I know I am very fortunate to have very good teachers throughout my entire school career. Most of them were quite passionate about their work and cared for their students. I even have some of them on social media as part of my friend’s list. They even taught me certain things that wasn’t part of the standards. However, I feel as though the standards that were in place when I learned and even now kind of held them back. At times, I felt as though we all had to rush just to meet the standards in place.
I have talked with many people about their school experinces and what I have gotten from them is: “I didn’t learn anything and took it with me. I just passed this class.”
And at this point of this very long response to this video. I am starting to believe I should write a letter to the state’s government.


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