Wanna Watch! Film Edition 3: 2018 films

Part three of the Wanna Watch! Film Edition series. This is a very biased list.

1.Black Panther

I never thought this would get a movie while I am still young. I expected a movie version of this to come out when I’m 65, 44 years from now.

2. Tomb Raider

I still haven’t actually played this game yet. (I played like a 30 minute demo, I wouldn’t count that) And I refuse to use emulators I want an actual console. Yes, I’m picky like that.

3. Aquaman

Jason FREAKIN Momoa! I still want to see him in more roles. If Justice League doesn’t restore Aquaman’s rep in the general public this should! 

4. Jungle Book

I’m very interested in this. The child playing Mowgli is Rohan Chand, who is NOT a newcomer child actor. He is thankfully of Indian descent. Theatre is diverse and in a different world than film, so I’m perfectly fine with character’s not matching ethnicites. However, film has a very long history of having mostly those of European descent playing characters of Asian, African, Pacific-Islander, etc descent WHILE at the same time people of color are not given many roles. Frustatingly, when they do actually get roles its like the same cliched, stereotypical and or romanticized character that’s been done since like the 1950s. Slowly, this trend of stereotypical roles is changing, thank goodness. Though the changes at times are just having a non-white person play a white character, it’s something but it’ll be nice to just make new characters in general.

5. Mary Poppins Returns

I’m curious about this, the children have grown up in this film and the actors are all different. A certain person from Hamilton and In the Heights is going to be in this.

6. Animated Spider-Man

I’m just hoping for Black Cat to be in it. XD

7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Benedict Cumberbatch will be the Grinch in this movie and to me it sounds interesting. I honestly wonder how this will come out.

8. S.C.O.O.B

This live action movie is suppose to be apparently the first of many Hanna Barbera live action films. Yep. Hanna Barbera is doing what Marvel and DC have been doing for years. Good luck! I hope to see Josie and the Pussycats.

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