Wanna watch! Film Edition 4: 2019 & 2020 films

The fourth edition of the Wanna Watch! Film Edition series. This is a very biased list.



It’s so fun to yell out “SHAZAM”! I’m sure after the movie comes out I’m going to think differently and not want to yell out “Shazam” ever again. Well, that’s if that movie gets super popular.

2.The Incredibles 2

I am very curious as to what Jack Jack is like now. And will we see Frozone’s wife? The one that is his only greater good?


I saw the stage musical. I’m slightly excited and mostly hoping it won’t come out as Rock of Ages. I LOVED the Rock of Ages musical, I hated the movie.


Obviously my inner DC fangirl is screaming for these two movies.


Like the Black Panther in the previous list, I wasn’t expecting Cyborg to have his own stand-alone movie planned until like 44 years from now, when I’m 65. 

2.Green Lantern Corps

I remember clearly how disappointed people were when it wasn’t John Stewart in the standalone Green Lantern movie. I also clearly remember seeing in the trailer of Deadpool, cracks being shot towards that Green Lantern movie. I wonder if we are going to see a Star Sapphire cameo in this? If so I’d like it to be either Fatality or Carol Ferris. (Maybe if possible both? Have Carol Ferris be in it and someone make a joke that refrences Fatality in someway? Or vice versa.)


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