Annoucement! No more fashion blogging

I have decided to not write anymore blog posts about fashion. You can still read the past fashion blog posts, but to narrow the focus of this blog I’ll be sticking to music as a topic. Whether it be reviews on music videos, talking about survival music shows, live stages, etc. Every now and then I will probably make a blog post about movies or tv shows.

And so from this point on fashion will no longer be blog posted about. 

Thank you and have a nice day!


Blog moving: Copy and Pasting posts


I am currently copying and pasting posts from another blog that I use to here.

I will no longer be using that other blog, instead focusing my attention to this one. Both blogs have similarities with each other, the differences between the two is that the other one was more personal, had more lyrics and had a incomplete Japanese learning series on it.


While I am moving things from that blog to this one, I will also be editing the categories of different posts, specifically the [insert country here] posts that is under the Response N Review category.

The Response N Review category will be used for recaps for Kdramas, posts I made out of boredom, serious subject matter and miscellanious stuff that’s not related to pop culture (music, entertainment). 

I’d like to think of this entire blog as mostly a world pop culture based one, hence why I decided to make this change to put a clear difference between things. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This post is where I will post frequently asked (or questions I predict will be frequently asked) and their answers.


What does [CP] mean? I see posts with [CP] in the title.

[CP] means I copied and pasted the post from another blog that I had. I found it somewhat difficult to keep switching accounts for blogs and since I found the subject matter between the two similar, I decided to close that blog and move all of its posts to this one.

You had another blog? How come it’s not easy to find?

I wrote another blog under a different name. That is why it’s not easy to find. The blog had more focus on my personal fashion and Japanese learning. It also contained romajii (Romanized Japanese) lyrics in it too.

Terms You May Not Know

Terms that you may not know, that is used within my blog posts.

Dance cover: is when someone takes another’s choreography and films/performs it themselves. WHILE making it clear to everyone that the choreography is indeed a COVER and not something they made themselves.

Hallyu Wave: Recently, people from around the world have been focusing on this country. This large focus has been dubbed as the “Hallyu Wave”. The “Hallyu Wave” is said to have begun sometime in the 1990s when S.Korea first began exporting music to places such as China and Japan.

Mostly the focus is on the country’s pop culture industry mainly the drama (tv shows, kinda of like soap operas), music, fashion, video games and beauty.

A low focus is on the country’s comic books and animation, though they are exported out of the country. Many of S.Korea’s comic books are mislabeled as “Manga” (Japanese comic books) so they can be sold due to the high popularity of manga.

However, thanks to this Hallyu Wave even S.Korea’s culture, history, government, medicial field (espeically plastic surgery), technology, etc is getting some recogition. 

S.Korea: A shorterned version of South Korea. A country located within the continent of Asia. This country is considered part of East Asia.

Recently, people from around the world have been focusing on this country. This large focus has been dubbed as the “Hallyu Wave”.

Personal blog

So I’ve made changes around this blog. It’s no longer going to be this random thing that I feel like playing around with the features with.

This blog will now be my own personal blog. I hope with this it’ll prevent me from using Facebook like it’s my own personal blog, which I feel is not the point of the service.

All those thoughts deep and shallow of mine about the world, politics, education and life I will put on here.

I will put on here also any new clothes that I bought and want to share with…maybe. XD

But most importantly I’ll use this blog to talk about my music tastes and whenever I feel like pointing out a specific song or artist.

I have also decided to use my real name here because I wanted one place besides social media like Facebook, where I won’t be behind an alias. So it’s very likely this is a place that will be shared with friends and family.