Sevdaliza “Human”[Intrepretation]

This music video is on the deep side. O-O If you pay attention to more than a woman in jeweled pasties dancing in the dirt.

She’s in a horse arena.
Usually horses are groomed and dressed in jewels just to be presented in this area.
The grooming for this sort of event usually takes so long.

Just like how an artist/performer takes a very long time and lots of effort to present their art piece.

But a lot of times people don’t see all the background effort that goes into that along with thinking of these artists/performers as a kind of super human. When really they are just human beings.

When she takes off the robe and you can see the jeweled pasties(?) the lyrics at that part are:
“I am sweat, flaws
I have veins, scars
I am human
Nothing more than human.”

Also, Sevdaliza is Iranian-Dutch, so looking at this video I also thought of: Whatever differences we may seem to have aren’t what makes us more or less of a human. We all are the same thing inside.


Iskui Abalyan (Искуи Абалян)

Note: “Искуи Абалян” is copied and pasted from the video title. I do not know how to speak Belarusian or Russian. 

Iskui Abalyan, (Beluarusian singer) new single “Геометрия“~ I wonder what genre this would be? hmm…

Unfortunately, I do not have much to state for this post due to my very low knowledge of Iskui Abalyan, the country of Belarus and me being unable to find more knowledge currently. (It seems not many people from the U.S listen to music from this country in general.)

NOTE: Belarus is neighbour countries are Poland (west border), Lithuania (northwest), Latvia (northwest), Ukraine (south) and Russia (north east).