Annoucement! No more fashion blogging

I have decided to not write anymore blog posts about fashion. You can still read the past fashion blog posts, but to narrow the focus of this blog I’ll be sticking to music as a topic. Whether it be reviews on music videos, talking about survival music shows, live stages, etc. Every now and then I will probably make a blog post about movies or tv shows.

And so from this point on fashion will no longer be blog posted about. 

Thank you and have a nice day!


Dream Clothes: 3 [CP]

Originally posted: September 26, 2015

Another list of Clothes I would like to wear.

tralala 2 グレンCKドットジャンスカ

I like: Brown skirt with suspenders

tralala 2 千鳥AラインJSK

I like: Entire outfit

ageha [72064]ミディアム丈Wテーラジャケット L★D

I like: Entire outfit, mostly the pale colored jacket though.

tralala 2 ウール風プリーツコート

I like: the jacket


I like: These heels design but the height…it looks a bit high.


I like: The design of these heels

sobre [72001]キュートバルーンワンピース

I like: Just the black dress in this.

Dream Clothes 2: Dress I [CP]

originally posted: September 26, 2015

I’ve decided to do things in categories now. With each category having different parts to it. That way it’ll be more organized. To top that off, there’s also what number the post is in the series by the title of this series.

For example

Clothes I would like to Wear 2: Dress pt 1

Clothes I would like to wear <—Title of the series

2<—-Number it is in the series, from earliest to latest


pt 1<—the number it is in the category.

The clothes I actually wear is very different from the clothes I would like to wear. And so here’s: Clothes I would like to Wear 2: Dress pt 1

As with before if there’s an entire outfit in the post it’s very likely that I like the entire outfit. However, unlike in the first part of the series which was not as organized as this one, I will also state which parts of the outfit I don’t like along with maybe some comments about parts of the picture I like or additional information.

【2013 A/W】肌魅せ☆彡ゆったりVネックとブラックレースが大人SEXYなゆるピタセットアップ風ワンピース [GR1309028]

I usually like heels like these. The ones that look like Mary Janes, just because I feel like my feet are secure and if I ever have the need to kick something or run really fast they won’t slip off.

【2013 A/W】肩魅せ抜け感で色気をプラス☆贅沢ボリューミーカットフレアーニット千鳥柄ワンピース [GR1308012]

I like the addition of the belt. There’s another picture at the link above that shows the mary jane heels paired up with this outfit.

(G3)【2013 A/W】クラシカルLadyを演出☆スモーキーカラー千鳥柄ニットドルマンワンピース [GR2027]

The belt looks plain from this angle but it isn’t! If I wore this I would wear a plain black sash or belt with it. Or I would turn the belt around so the plain back part of it would be in the front.

59th Street - Set: Lace-Top Chiffon Dress + Belt

Probably change the plain black belt to a colorful one.

I would love it if this dress was a different color. Like Champagne Pink

or Apricot

Miss Hong - Peter-Pan Collar Knit Minidress

Just the dress. I really like this dress because it reminds me of the dress IU (solo Korean singer) wore in her song “You and I”. I loved the dress in that song. The only difference between that dress and this dress is the fact that this dress has lace for the pan collar and cuffs while “You and I” dress was just plain.

Envy Look - Scoop-Neck A-Line Knit Dress

Yes, I look at a lot of Asian clothing brands. Reason why is because they always have clothes in my size. I’ve mentioned in Clothes that I like to Wear: Casual? 1 {} that I’m small and skinny. Not implying that everyone of Asian descent is small and skinny, (by everyone I mean everyone not just the celebrities people see on television, YouTube or online.) because that’s certainly not true. People of all ethnic backgrounds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from top to bottom. (I really do mean TOP to bottom. As in from the faces, like eyes, nose, ears, etc. to legs and feet.) I believe that everyone should maintain a healthy body for themselves and not try to mold themselves to fit into the socially “accepted” form of beauty. Screw a good chunk of social rules, I feel they do nothing but limit ourselves and for certain people put them in a not so good mood.

XD I went from clothes I would like to wear to showing my strong views of society’s beauty and social rules. Not an entirely bad tangent, since I AM talking about fashion and fashion is related to beauty.


orginally posted: September 26, 2015

Dream Clothes aka Clothes I would like to wear.

The clothes I wear is very different from the clothes I would like to wear.

Clothes I wear is generally shoes, skinny jeans, leggings, tank tops and boots.

Clothes I would like to wear:

(If the picture contains a full outfit it is very likely that I like the full outfit)

Lane172 - Rib-Trim Lace-Up Boots

Knit Top and Mini Skirt <br>SET

Houndstooth Top and Mini Skirt


Crop Tops are the same:


In general when I look in clothes I try to imagine myself in them. So I can see myself wearing them and looking good. I try to avoid horizontal stripes for tops because of my broad shoulders and that from what I’ve seen produces an effect of making my shoulders wider along with collar cuts that are angular. I believe circle looking cuts are more good looking for me. I also like things that show off my legs because they are long.

Though I probably shouldn’t wear skinny jeans and jeggings (the stretchy kind), I like wearing them because I like clothes that fit close to my skin. Due to the fact that I’m skinny and small (it’s healthy for me due to my genetics but if another woman my age with different genetics with my size and weight she would probably be considered unhealthy or anorexic.) skinny jeans don’t fit as tightly as they do to other people their more like regular jeans, while jeggings are like skinny jeans and regular jeans are kind of baggy and baggy well that’s just uncomfortable to me. I mostly like tightly fitted clothes to prevent myself from getting caught on anything. Whenever I wear baggy bottoms they always get caught on something, the same kind of applies to shirts too.

I’m going to make more posts of clothes I would like to wear later. This is going to be a series~ Hopefully the next posts will be a bit cleaner, sorry for the mess. Maybe I’ll do dresses, skirts, shoes, jeans, outerwear for each individual post?