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It is suggested that you learn Hiragana as fast as possible and step away from romajii.

There is many different romajii systems. And they don’t all write words in the same way.

Tokyo <—As we know in U.S

Can be written as: Tokyo, Tookyoo, Toukyou, Tōkyō.

The lines above: Tōkyō indicate that it’s a long vowel sound. 

Toukyou and Tookyoo: Already show that it’s a long vowel sound.

And Tokyo just doesn’t show it.

It’s written in Japanese like:

東京(とうきょう)toukyou. *

In Japanese class and Japanese natives they learn: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. In that exact order.


Learn Higrana but no Romajii
Hiragana learning with romajii. Along with the stroke order

The order of the syllbary** is a, i, u, e, o

From top to bottom then left to right

a, i, u, e, o.

Ka, ki, ku, ke, ko

sa, shi, su, se, so

ta, chi, tsu, te, to

na, ni, nu, ne, no

ha, hi, hu, he ho

etc, etc.


It is best that as you learn Hiragana to try to learn some grammar and words. BASIC grammar and words.
Has greetings and some grammar. Plus audio clips

Broken up into lessons and quizzes. It teaches Kana (Hiragana and Katakana) along with grammar and vocabulary.

Is like nihongomaster except it turns learning more into a game since you earn EXP with every correct answer.

To be quizzed on words and such.

*Why the “u”? A “u” after a vowel indicated the sound is LONGER. So “a” becomes more like “aa”.

o becomes “oo”. Hence the purpose of Toukyou being written as Tookyoo. Tookyoo helps with pronouncing it that way. Toukyou is actually how it is written/typed in Japanese.

**Syllbary its like an alphabet but since most of it is ka, ki, ku, ke, ko instead of a, b,c, d its called a syllabary. The romanized characters match the pronunciation sound.


Refrain from learning Japanese from anime. There are a lot of words used that may not be used in everyday life. OR the words used can make you come of as a jerk…

Just think of learning Japanese from anime as learning English from The Simpsons (or South Park or Family Guy). You won’t see people going around saying “doh” like Homer from The Simpsons or people cursing out each other in a work place like South Park.

Japanese has a lot of different forms and you’d most likely find informal than formal forms in anime. It is NOT a good idea to be referring yourself as “ore” when introducing yourself to strangers. (Makes you come off as a narcisstic arrogant person)


Response: REOL “Σ” (Sigma) XFDMovie


(Edited: I highly apologize for the wall of text. For some reason I can not put line breaks between tracks. I am doing my best to fix this format issue.

I don’t follow REOL closely-well not as closely as I see other people doing. I feel like many fans that do follow her closely are very very happy that her face appears in the music video for “Gimme a Break” Anyways, overall I really like the album preview of “Sigma” which is going to be REOL’S first album. (To the point where I wished I had money to buy it.)

I definitely had trouble writing my opinion on the overall SOUNDS of certain songs. (I’m going to blame my limited music knowledge) Due to my low Japanese level, I will not be analyzing any Japanese lyrics. Additionally, even if I did had the level I definitely am not knowledge when it comes to Japanese songwriting. I think it would be quite important for me to know about Japanese songwriting since it’s quite different from how U.S writes music due to traditions, languages and music trends.

Responding: track by track

Due to my limited knowledge of Japanese, I did not write all the track titles down. Once I learn the names of the track titles I will write them. 

I really like the intro part 0:12 – 0:20
How it goes:
OH! (oh) OH! (oh)
Track 1: VIP KID
“I’m Lonely
Donna ni (whoa whoa)”
It’s a good track overall. I don’t really have much to say because the impact of just the sound didn’t really hit me. However, I am totally open to feeling a whole different way once I learn the meaning of the song.
Track 2: Gimme a Break
“Gimme a Break stop now!
(oh) (oh) (oh)
Gimme a break stop now!”
The music video, REOL actually shows her face but don’t expect any complicated choreography
Track 3:
I like how it’s a mix of traditional and modern Japanese music.
Track 4: Konoyo Loading  
I like the old 32 or 64 bit video game sound this song has. The title I have written for this track may be wrong.
Track 5: RE:
The bass. ❤ I wish I could write more but this is one of the songs that I just can’t put my thoughts into words for it. I’m sure there will come a day when I can actually put my thoughts about this song into feelings. Once I get that ability to do so, I’ll come back to this blog post and edit it. Let’s hope I’ll still feel the same way about this song as I do now. Though feelings for songs tend not to change for me.
Track 6: Lunatic
I like how it’s like a kind of dreamy song and the sound of the bass.
The picture shown during the album preview matches the picture I get when I hear this song, starry skies. The effect done on her voice was very nice.
Track 7:
It’s a nice song that’s more, mellower? Than the other songs. XD I’m not sure if “mellower” would be the right word to describe it but it’s definitely one of the few that has a different feeling to than the others in terms of energy.  (Like Track 6, 11 and 12.) I think that it’s very nice that REOL’s album has songs like this so they’re not all very similar to each other.
Track 8: Chiru Chiru
It’s a nice energetic song. It has quite an uplifting feel to it.
Track 9: -Final Sigma-
I like the electronic instrument that was used in this. Has a very clubby feel to it. Not in the sense of dancing, but in the sense that its one of the songs where everyone just jumps around to the beat.
Track 10: DetaramE KiddinG
This song is kinda hard. XD Like a hardcore remix of a video game’s theme.
Track 11: Samuuhoraa partii
It has a nice feeling to it. I can’t put into words the kind of feeling it is. It’s on the more mellower side for sure, but I wouldn’t call it dreamy or relaxing-just nice.
Track 12: 404 not found
It’s like a electronic slow jam! If that makes sense. It’s another song that’s more mellow than the other songs. I like how REOL’s vocals sounds kinda distant in the beginning of the preview than coming to the foreground.
Track 13: VIORA
The bass~ ❤ This song goes kinda hard too. I can totally imagine someone doing a hip-hop dance to it.

MNL48: AKB48 in Philipines

This content was originally posted on another site, but I decided to move it here. It was posted March 28, 7:05 pm.

Not even the Philipines is safe from AKB48. Since there’s going to be a MNL48.…/
“original roster has 48.”
But currently there’s like 100+ members in total. AKB48 isn’t a girl group it’s actually a SUPER girl group. Super Girl group is when a girl group is made up of multiple girl groups. In AKB48 case it’s made up of girl group Team A, Team B, Team K and then it has like it’s own trainee group. Which girl gets to go into which single is decided by votes and rock paper scissors.

…I’m not a fan of AKB48. It’s just they’re like everywhere! I can’t watch no Japanese talk show (variety show) without seeing at least one person that is or was in AKB48.

This is placed within Japanese Music because: 1. The creator of this system is Japanese 2. It’s a sister group of a Japanese band  3. It is very likely that MNL48 like other sister groups of AKB48 will be singing AKB48 songs in their respective language.

Namie Amuro Collaborations

I’m not a huge Namie Amuro fan. But I don’t dislike her either. I can’t help but notice though, the different people who she has collaborated with. I really like a lot of her collaborations as they seem to blend in the different styles of the artists together well.
The newest one:
Namie Amuro and Crystal Kay “Revolution”

I’m kind of glad that in this video Crystal Kay seems to have stopped her whole Yokohama ratchet rap or whatever it’s called. That one music style you can see in “Dum Ditty Dumb”. I appreciate that she combined elements of traditional of Japanese music with modern music. I also love the whole animation thing but I do not like the style.
(Though I do know this could all be because it’s a collaboration)
3 years ago she collabled with S.Korean girl group After School to make “Make it Happen”:

And during this year she collabled with Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai the most popular Taiwanese singer. “I’m not Yours” is a very dancey song.

M-flo and Namie Amuro “Luvotomy”

“Black Out”(Which is Verbal feat. Lil Wayne and Namie Amuro. Released in 2011)
There is a video for this one. I’m just not going to show it because I’m not a huge Lil Wayne fan additionally

At this rate I feel like Namie Amuro is just going to collaborate with artist from almost every continent.
I am sincerely hoping she does collaborations with people like Thailand’s Kratae. And artists from Vietnam, Laos, India and more! Maybe even collaborate with a U.S, Australian and or U.K artist?

Ringo Sheena (椎名林檎) Marathon

I seem to be going on a marathron over here I keep listening to Ringo Sheena songs.

This is one of her English songs~  She also produced and written this very song for another singer, Chiaki Kuriyama. Ringo Sheena and Chiaki Kuriyama have worked before. This song is used in the drama “Himitsu Chouhouin Erika” where Kuriyama acts as the main character, Erika. Anyways~ I really like how there’s a whole Bossa Nova thing going on in this song.

I think she may end up being a singer that ends up on my favorites list because I am really loving the music I’ve heard of her so far.

Other songs I’ve heard by her:

I have no idea what genre of music this song will fit into. Iroha ni hoheto is an interesting songs. It has elements to it that I really like. Sheena’s voice is quite high pitched in this and contrasting to this is her sexiness. I really like it when sexy and high pitches (cute) comes together. This song also gives hope for me to sing songs in my high pitched voice but still have an element of sexiness to my performance.

I love the tone of her voice in this. Plus there’s Aya and Bambi in here. There’s also this element of sexy to it that I notice is a pattern in her performances. But on top of that a lot of her performances make me think of a jazz singer in an nightclub within the olden days. You know the kind you mostly see in movies these days, like Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Koizora Drama Ending Theme – Ai no Uta

{Words of Songs}

Song of Love
Vocals: Fukui Mai
Lyrics: Yamamoto Katsuhiko 
Composition: Yamamoto Katsuhiko

The gentle wind always blows on the road     
I want to meet you, but is it okay for such a thing
There’s small heart beats and our feelings will overlap 
I’m just waiting for them to dissolve quietly into each other

Why do people yearn for answers?
I’m happy with this, happy

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