[Produce48] Contestants I like (ep 1)

What’s this?

I decided to just do a blog series about Produce48 contestants who have caught my eye and who I like since my documents are getting chaotic trying to keep track of the changes of which contestant I like from episode 1 and so on. This will be the first time I’m actually trying to get into a survival show, especially after what happened with Baby Kara and Sojin. (I still get a feeling of anxious when I’m about to mention her out of fear of getting her name wrong.)

For each of this series I’ll state which contestants caught my eye and give a top 12 in the episode I watched AND from what I’ve seen of them in previous episodes (minus episode 0). My opinions will be based SOLEY on what is aired on tv, so the clips on YouTube that was uploaded and isn’t in the show will not count.

Isn’t this going to be biased? Don’t you know some of these contestants?

The only contestant I’m familar with before watching this show is Lee Kaeun. And the bit of information I know about her is tiny. So, I’d imagine my bias will not be as skewed compared to those that are more familar of the contestants than I am.

I would like to say again, this is just my opinion. So, let’s get started!




Who Caught My Eye

(in no particular order)

Choi Ye Na [Yue Hua Entertainment]. She ranked A in this episode. Her speaking Japanese and doing a soda imitation trick is what caught my attention.

Kim Shi Hyun [Yue Hua Ent] I’m sure there will be many who read this that are familar with her due to being in Produce 101. I’m curious about what she’ll bring to the table this time.

Kwon Eunbi [Woolim Ent] I think there must be some mistake here, maybe I got her mixed up with someone else but in my notes I put down: “Brought Korean learn book.” that was it nothing more or nothing else. She ranked A.

Lee Chaeyeon [WM] Her singing “Shower” by Beck G made me interested in her. That and her group performing the song was her idea. She ranked A.

Yamada Noe [NGT48] Her highly energetic personality really stands out and I’m sure I’m not the only who is interested in here due to that. She ranked C. 

Na Go Eun [Rainbow Bridge World] I was surprised by her vocal skills. I was also surprised that when I commented “steady voice” while watching, Soyou also said it. Yay! My first agreement with a trainer. She ranked A.

Park Hae Yoon [FNC Ent] Her performance for Little Mix’s “Power” was amazing and she rightfully got an A.

Kim Do Ah [FENT Entertainment] I didn’t get her company name and I honestly I had to look it up after this episode. The fact that she, herself, requested to freestyle dance interested me. Her looking like Kim Sohye was interesting too but it was more of an after thought. She got A. 

Hwang So Yeon [Wellmade Yedang] Like Kim Do Ah, I also didn’t get her company name when I watched the episode and had to search it up later. When she freestyled Sunmi’s “Gashina” it really caught my attention, that and the fact that she was a Sunmi lookalike.

Wang Ke [HOW Entertainment] When I first hear the few seconds of the song I was so happy. I thought it was going to be Oginome Yoko’s “Dancing Hero (Eat You Up)” but it turned out to be Celeb Five’s “Celeb Five” which is a comedic sort of cover of it. Quite funny and quick history lesson but Oginome Yoko’s “Dancing Hero (Eat You Up” is a cover of a British singer Angie Gold’s song called “Eat You Up” (from the albums Applause). Wang Ke’s overall facial expressions, performance and presence really caught my eye. She got B rank.

Takeuchi Miyu [AKB48] I couldn’t believe, that Takeuchi Miyu’s group did this song RIGHT AFTER Wang Ke’s. Except this was the song that I was hoping for the most, Oginome Yoko’s “Dancing Hero (Eat You Up)”….well kinda. She perfectly rearranged this song and her voice was amazing! It’s not every day you see an idol with rearrangement skills-ESPECIALLY a J-pop idol. She absolutely deserved A rank. 

Goto Moe [AKB48] Her performance was the saddest, just the fact that she lost her voice and could not sing due to allergies. The performance she gave was good though! But she had to get an F for not singing and that bothered me. I understood the judges reasoning for doing that.  But still…I wished so much for her to be able to rise up so fast.

Iwatate Saho [AKB48] She caught my eye just for being in the “Dancing Hero” group and her performance was good. The entire group consisting of Goto Moe, Iwatate Saho and Takeuchi Miyu was amazing that I kept replaying the performance. She got a B.

Lee Ka Eun [Pledis] I remember Lee Ka Eun from After School. Unfortunately ,she did join in 2012, well after After School’s debut, then ended up trapped in Pledis dungeon shortly after. She sat in that dungeon watching a group like WJSN getting debuted and having release after release. She deserved her A and I hope to see sides to Ka Eun that I wasn’t able to while she was in After School.

Top 12 for episode 1

There’s 14 contestants that caught my eye this time. So thanks to it being so close to the number of 12, it was a bit tricky to make a top 12-I somehow managed it. Is there some regrets and am I stuck between certain members being in certain spots? You bet! Rankings 1-3 and 12 were the easiest, the ones in between not so much.

PRoduce48 BLOG (ep1 top 12 rankings).png

Top 12 ranking was made with:  https://produce48.github.io/

Why these rankings?

1. Takeuchi Miyu, her rearrangement skills and her vocal skills is why she is at #1. 

2. Park Hae Yoon, she can be given some vocally challenging lines.

3. Lee Ka Eun, she has experience. It shows that she has experience too and I’d like to see her be in a group where she doesn’t just get dungeoned. Maybe have her be the dancer of the group?

4. Lee Chaeyeon, she can also be given some vocally challenging lines and perhaps give some input for concepts that’ll match the group well.

5. Na Go Eun, she can be given some vocally challenging lines.

6. Kim Do Ah, the way she just intiated something herself is a characteristic that I feel can be used in a group like this.

7. Kwon Eunbi, she can be a vocalist.

8. Iwatate Saho, she can be a vocalist.

9. Wang Ke, very memorable facial expressions. 

10. Yamada Noe, in an actual group I feel like she would be good in the role of being the variety star/skilled member. 

11. Choi Yena, As a girl that can speak Japanese I feel like she can bridge the gap between Koreans and Japanese members. Her soda trick is also shows a glimps of how good she’ll be on variety shows. Having her and Yamada Noe as the variety members will make it so the variety won’t fall solely just on one member and they can both represent the group as the Japanese and Korean variety role members.

12. Goto Moe, I went with the judges on this because she didn’t sing I had to put her here.

I know this Top 12 lacks a dancer, visual, rapper and a face of the group. I’m hoping in the next episodes I’ll have contestants that catch my eye that can do that.


This ends my Contestants I Like for episode 1. I have watched up to episode 5. But throughout this week I’ll be posting the rest of my Contestants I Like for episodes 2 – 4 until I’ve caught up.

Thank you for reading this personal project of mine!! I’ll see what I can do for the next ones to make it more colorful and have a bit more pictures. ^-^


Melanie Martinez “Gingerbread Man”

The most interesting song that came out during the holidays. (The song was specifically released on Dec 23, 2015)

Nevermind the fact of Melanie’s soft sounding voice. (Which I love! But then again I have a soft voice myself….) This song is far from your usual jolly and holly Christmas tune.

I’d like to state that this song seems to be the Krampus of Christmas songs. Sure quite an amount of people know of this song and Krampus, but Krampus isn’t like Santa and seemingly not as well known or commercialized.

Which makes sense, this companion of St. Nick is the one that doesn’t look very jolly and it seems his main job is to punish those naughty children along with being an incentive to keep children from doing bad things. 

There’s a sort of darkness to “Gingerbread Man”, specifically the picture within the video and the sound. Combine it with the chimes and the girl in the picture the song also has a touch of “innocence” to it. With some parts definitely not being innocent.

This combination of innocence and darkness definitely reminds me of Melanie Martinez’s “Dollhouse.”


Martinez’s music style seems to be a good match for Tim Burton movies. A lot of Tim Burton movies have darkness, but also this combination of innocence and non innocence. 

Overall, I feel like I could get my friends that aren’t a huge fan of Christmas to listen to it. Well more likely to get them to listen to this than Christmas carols. XD 

Some information about Melanie Martinez:

-She was on The Voice (Season 3)

–She was part of Team Adam. And ended up being one of the most popular singers for that season.

-American singer AND songwriter

-Her song “Carousel” was used in a preview for FX’s American Horror Story: Freak Show


Boyfriend and Bora (Sistar)

I think it’s really interesting how Bora did BOYFRIEND “Bounce” and Boyfriend did SISTAR‘s (girl group Bora is part of) “Touch my Body”.

“Bounce” – Boyfriend (feat Bora of Sistar)

“Touch My Body” – Boyfriend (feat. Bora of Sistar) [Dance Cover]

I believe it’ll be really cool to see more collaborations like this happening between member(s) and group(s) within the S.Korea [South Korea] entertainment industry.

How about musical theatre actors/actress collab with K-pop groups/singers?

I’ll even count Joo Won as part of the musical theatre team simply because he was a musical theatre actor before he became a drama/movie actor.

I wouldn’t count Tiffany or someone that was an Idol before they became an musical actor.

I will count Eunjung and other idols who was originally trained to be an actor/musical actor.

Terms you may not know

Dance cover: is when someone takes another’s choreography and films/performs it themselves. WHILE making it clear to everyone that the choreography is indeed a COVER and not something they made themselves.

S.Korea: A shorterned version of South Korea. A country located within the continent of Asia. This country is considered part of East Asia.

Recently, people from around the world have been focusing on this country. This large focus has been dubbed as the “Hallyu Wave”.

Mostly the focus is on the country’s pop culture industry mainly the drama (tv shows, kinda of like soap operas), music, fashion, video games and beauty.

A low focus is on the country’s comic books and animation, though they are exported out of the country. Many of S.Korea’s comic books are mislabeled as “Manga” (Japanese comic books) so they can be sold due to the high popularity of manga.

The “Hallyu Wave” is said to have begun sometime in the 1990s when S.Korea first began exporting music to places such as China and Japan.


  1. Bora, Wikipedia
  2. BOYFRIEND, Generasia
  3. SISTAR, Generasia

Namie Amuro Collaborations

I’m not a huge Namie Amuro fan. But I don’t dislike her either. I can’t help but notice though, the different people who she has collaborated with. I really like a lot of her collaborations as they seem to blend in the different styles of the artists together well.
The newest one:
Namie Amuro and Crystal Kay “Revolution”

I’m kind of glad that in this video Crystal Kay seems to have stopped her whole Yokohama ratchet rap or whatever it’s called. That one music style you can see in “Dum Ditty Dumb”. I appreciate that she combined elements of traditional of Japanese music with modern music. I also love the whole animation thing but I do not like the style.
(Though I do know this could all be because it’s a collaboration)
3 years ago she collabled with S.Korean girl group After School to make “Make it Happen”:

And during this year she collabled with Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai the most popular Taiwanese singer. “I’m not Yours” is a very dancey song.

M-flo and Namie Amuro “Luvotomy”

“Black Out”(Which is Verbal feat. Lil Wayne and Namie Amuro. Released in 2011)
There is a video for this one. I’m just not going to show it because I’m not a huge Lil Wayne fan additionally

At this rate I feel like Namie Amuro is just going to collaborate with artist from almost every continent.
I am sincerely hoping she does collaborations with people like Thailand’s Kratae. And artists from Vietnam, Laos, India and more! Maybe even collaborate with a U.S, Australian and or U.K artist?

When New Music Meets Old Music

I absolutely love music like this!

And I was very very happy to find this channel:

Postmodern Jukebox


Which is filled with covers of new songs (And songs from the 90s and back) that are done in various older styles. Older styles among the lines of swing, blues, jazz, etc.

Like this cover:

I couldn’t help but subscribe to this channel! Thus adding another subscription to my long list of subscriptions on YouTube. D: Oh my it’s going to be a pain during those moments where seemingly everyone uploads everything on the same day.

Other examples of what this are:

Golden Bomber “My Generation”

With the whole 1980s thing and yet still remaining true to their style. I mean just look at their drummer who I’ve only seen without make-up once and that’s cause a friend of mine somehow managed to find a picture of him without make-up! I would like to note that this Japanese band Golden Bomber is a Visual kei AIR band.

EXO-M “Mama”

The gregorian chants at the beginning though. And yes, EXO-M. Instead of just EXO. I’m just a fan of Exo-M. Gregorian chants was one of the earliest forms of music. There was no background music/harmony though just one single line, the melody line. And this music video was choreographed by Lyle Benign

Wonder Girls “I feel You”

After years of Wonder Girls being away they come back with this 1980s concept. They trained hard to play instruments while dancing. And now there’s BAND versions of their old songs. Which…does prove to be a bit of an issue when they appeared on Random Dance Play not only that but I imagine the many member changes this group went through also proved to be a bit of an issue. Hyuna who was with them in Irony is now in 4minute. I’m just going to point out that one member change and I’ll let this chart do the rest of the work:

Kat Graham “1991”

I feel this song stays true to it’s title. (Though I wasn’t born yet in 1991) One of her hairstyles in this reminds me of a certain TLC member….