Melanie Martinez “Gingerbread Man”

The most interesting song that came out during the holidays. (The song was specifically released on Dec 23, 2015)

Nevermind the fact of Melanie’s soft sounding voice. (Which I love! But then again I have a soft voice myself….) This song is far from your usual jolly and holly Christmas tune.

I’d like to state that this song seems to be the Krampus of Christmas songs. Sure quite an amount of people know of this song and Krampus, but Krampus isn’t like Santa and seemingly not as well known or commercialized.

Which makes sense, this companion of St. Nick is the one that doesn’t look very jolly and it seems his main job is to punish those naughty children along with being an incentive to keep children from doing bad things. 

There’s a sort of darkness to “Gingerbread Man”, specifically the picture within the video and the sound. Combine it with the chimes and the girl in the picture the song also has a touch of “innocence” to it. With some parts definitely not being innocent.

This combination of innocence and darkness definitely reminds me of Melanie Martinez’s “Dollhouse.”


Martinez’s music style seems to be a good match for Tim Burton movies. A lot of Tim Burton movies have darkness, but also this combination of innocence and non innocence. 

Overall, I feel like I could get my friends that aren’t a huge fan of Christmas to listen to it. Well more likely to get them to listen to this than Christmas carols. XD 

Some information about Melanie Martinez:

-She was on The Voice (Season 3)

–She was part of Team Adam. And ended up being one of the most popular singers for that season.

-American singer AND songwriter

-Her song “Carousel” was used in a preview for FX’s American Horror Story: Freak Show