orginally posted: July 15, 2015

So I do listen to music from many different countries around the world….

Laos is one of them.

It is also one that I noticed that I don’t really know much about it. I believe it could be because of how that country is. I could tell from music videos that the cameras used in it aren’t always the same cameras used in the U.S.

There’s different kinds of cameras and each type has it’s own way of capturing material. Some cameras produce more sharper pictures, others pictures with high contrast, etc. etc.

Anywhoo today I thought: “Hmm…How many bands/groups do I know?”

Girl Group:


Boy Group/Band



That really isn’t a lot, so went on a search to find more!

And I did thanks to this site:

There does seem to be a limit though. With music videos coming from record companies/Youtube channels: Indee Records, KPY Entertainment, Valentine Music, Lao Pride Records.

It’s a pretty neat site. And I mean that in more than just things aren’t all over the place. XD

My Discoveries

Super One

It’s a boy group.

Or so I thought.

When I researched this “boy group” it seems like Super One is just a singer. ONE singer.

But I am confused, it SEEMS. I’m not even too sure if it IS.

But hey, I have found this video:

o.o And Genii went through member changes since I last heard them.

I am just going to quote the site I posted a link above on this.

“For the first time ever we get to see the new Genii all together in a music video with the release of “Hou Thun Jao Dee”. The now four member girl group consists of former members Ey and Ching along with two new comers Mui and Mee.

Although we miss Thip as a member,”

I find it quite difficult to keep up with the Laotian music scene. I think it’s been years since I’ve heard any Genii songs. So far I am one of the very very veerrrrry few people I know that listen to Laotian music. As compared to like K-pop or J-pop….OR U.S pop.

However, I am grateful for not getting region blocked. Which I found to be…a bit annoying when it came to watching videos from other countries. From Nigeria to bulgaria to Italy to Japan. Region blocking. Everywhere! Everywhere? EVERYWHERE.

Though my search for groups and bands did not end with nothing definite being found.

I DID find this duo, GB2: they’re from PMK Records.

Though I see more hope from me in the future finding sites like this:

And this article:

I mean it’s not much possible additions to add to list of Laotian bands/groups that I know. But it’s still something!

Yep….that was pretty much the search. I guess it was sucessful but I wish I could’ve found more. D:


MNL48: AKB48 in Philipines

This content was originally posted on another site, but I decided to move it here. It was posted March 28, 7:05 pm.

Not even the Philipines is safe from AKB48. Since there’s going to be a MNL48.…/
“original roster has 48.”
But currently there’s like 100+ members in total. AKB48 isn’t a girl group it’s actually a SUPER girl group. Super Girl group is when a girl group is made up of multiple girl groups. In AKB48 case it’s made up of girl group Team A, Team B, Team K and then it has like it’s own trainee group. Which girl gets to go into which single is decided by votes and rock paper scissors.

…I’m not a fan of AKB48. It’s just they’re like everywhere! I can’t watch no Japanese talk show (variety show) without seeing at least one person that is or was in AKB48.

This is placed within Japanese Music because: 1. The creator of this system is Japanese 2. It’s a sister group of a Japanese band  3. It is very likely that MNL48 like other sister groups of AKB48 will be singing AKB48 songs in their respective language.

Kratae “Stay Cool” Response

It’s not the first time I’ve seen a Kratae Rsiam music video. But it seems to me that the choreography has gotten more cooler in my opinion.

But dang this video seems to be in the very long chain of Thai pop videos with unrequited love. However, this is quite different from the ones I’ve seen. Where a person has a crush on someone but they never get to be in a relationship with that person because it turns out the person they’re crushing on has a boyfriend/girlfriend.

I feel like I’ve learned a few cultural things about Thailand from this song and the concept.

From a Western point of view, it’s kinda empowering.
With the whole don’t spend your time being depressed and stuffs work on yourself!

However, I’m sure that those with a Western point of view will disagree with lines of the song such as ” ‘Cause you’re getting dumped you need to get prettier.”

I’m sure it can rub people the wrong way and be taken as. The only time you need to pretty yourself up is after you get dumped!

I like to think of this song as “show him what he’s missing” kind of song. Along with “don’t let this break up get you really down to the point where you’re just hanging onto him for a long time.” The sense of vengance to this is something I love seeing in stories, films and music videos. The man just dumped her for a prettier girl she becomes prettier and the man comes back now interested in being with her but she rejects him.

Makes me more interested in Thai culture along with wishing that more people listened to Thai pop…along with knowing that Thailand does indeed exist. Since I feel it’s one of the many countries that gets clumped/overlooked by China, Japan, Taiwan and now thanks to the Hallyu wave, S.Korea.

Namie Amuro Collaborations

I’m not a huge Namie Amuro fan. But I don’t dislike her either. I can’t help but notice though, the different people who she has collaborated with. I really like a lot of her collaborations as they seem to blend in the different styles of the artists together well.
The newest one:
Namie Amuro and Crystal Kay “Revolution”

I’m kind of glad that in this video Crystal Kay seems to have stopped her whole Yokohama ratchet rap or whatever it’s called. That one music style you can see in “Dum Ditty Dumb”. I appreciate that she combined elements of traditional of Japanese music with modern music. I also love the whole animation thing but I do not like the style.
(Though I do know this could all be because it’s a collaboration)
3 years ago she collabled with S.Korean girl group After School to make “Make it Happen”:

And during this year she collabled with Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai the most popular Taiwanese singer. “I’m not Yours” is a very dancey song.

M-flo and Namie Amuro “Luvotomy”

“Black Out”(Which is Verbal feat. Lil Wayne and Namie Amuro. Released in 2011)
There is a video for this one. I’m just not going to show it because I’m not a huge Lil Wayne fan additionally

At this rate I feel like Namie Amuro is just going to collaborate with artist from almost every continent.
I am sincerely hoping she does collaborations with people like Thailand’s Kratae. And artists from Vietnam, Laos, India and more! Maybe even collaborate with a U.S, Australian and or U.K artist?