2013 MAMA votes (Mnet Asian Music Awards) [CP]

originally posted: September 26, 2015 (This note isn’t found in the original, but this MAMA is not to be confused with MTV African Music Awards.)

So when I look back I know who I voted for.

2013 MAMA votes
My votes for 2013 MAMA
1. Best new: male BTS
2. Best new: female Lee hi
Best male: g-dragon
best female:Ailee & IU
Best male group: EXO
best female group: 2NE1
Best dance perform male solo: g-dragon
best dance perform female solo: Sunmi
best dance perform male group: EXO
best dance perform female group: SNSD
best vocal perform male: K.Will
best vocal perform feamle: IU & Ailee
best band perform: Cn Blue
best rap perform: Dynamic duo
Nissan juke best mv: G-dragon
best OST: Davichi
artist of year: G-dragon
Song of year: EXO


The actual rankings can be found at the link above~




Recently, 4Ten released an album called “Jack of All Trades”. So far I’m only aware of “Severly” and “Tornado” having live performances and music videos.

To me “Severly” very much makes me think of KARA. I know I’ve seen many people go “Oh! Japanese music! It totally has a Japanese music vibe to it, especially anime music!”

But to me this song sounds like it can defintiely fit in KARA’s album more than a Japanese animation show.

To prove my point even more listen to to the KARA songs below and then tell me it doesn’t fit them.

“Way” by Kara [Album: Pandora]

“2Night” by KARA [Album: Full Bloom]

“Go Go Summer” by KARA

Damaged Lady by Kara [Album: Full Bloom]

(I attempted to not include popular songs, but I faileds. XD Especially for Damaged Lady. Hey! That song holds special meaning to me. )

KARA’s music from what I’ve heard has a lot of these undertones of 1980s and 1990s pop music to it. (And perhaps that’s why they did so well in Japan. Their sound didn’t really need to change to be more fitting for Japanese music charts. This group has able to do both Japanese and Korean charts well do to how their songs sounded.)

Last time I heard of 4Ten to be honest was for Poten “Go Easy”. Yep, I totes skipped over “Why”. In case you were wondering yep the band made some changes. They went from Poten to 4Ten.

Anyways, overall really like 4Ten’s “Severly” even more so than the previous songs that they made. Speaking of 4Ten’s recent and previous songs, I’ve noticed that the undertones of 4Ten’s songs are the same.

4Ten has a set sound but it’s subtle. It’s not like Ladies Code with “Pretty Pretty” and “Kiss Kiss” or EXID with “Up and Down” and “Ah yeah”, where I’ve seen multiple people reaching to state that you can sing the lyrics of one song with the instrumental of the other and it would fit perfectly. Which in my opinion and my testing, doesn’t. They do NOT fit perfectly with each other. I have tried this!




Boyfriend and Bora (Sistar)

I think it’s really interesting how Bora did BOYFRIEND “Bounce” and Boyfriend did SISTAR‘s (girl group Bora is part of) “Touch my Body”.

“Bounce” – Boyfriend (feat Bora of Sistar)

“Touch My Body” – Boyfriend (feat. Bora of Sistar) [Dance Cover]

I believe it’ll be really cool to see more collaborations like this happening between member(s) and group(s) within the S.Korea [South Korea] entertainment industry.

How about musical theatre actors/actress collab with K-pop groups/singers?

I’ll even count Joo Won as part of the musical theatre team simply because he was a musical theatre actor before he became a drama/movie actor.

I wouldn’t count Tiffany or someone that was an Idol before they became an musical actor.

I will count Eunjung and other idols who was originally trained to be an actor/musical actor.

Terms you may not know

Dance cover: is when someone takes another’s choreography and films/performs it themselves. WHILE making it clear to everyone that the choreography is indeed a COVER and not something they made themselves.

S.Korea: A shorterned version of South Korea. A country located within the continent of Asia. This country is considered part of East Asia.

Recently, people from around the world have been focusing on this country. This large focus has been dubbed as the “Hallyu Wave”.

Mostly the focus is on the country’s pop culture industry mainly the drama (tv shows, kinda of like soap operas), music, fashion, video games and beauty.

A low focus is on the country’s comic books and animation, though they are exported out of the country. Many of S.Korea’s comic books are mislabeled as “Manga” (Japanese comic books) so they can be sold due to the high popularity of manga.

The “Hallyu Wave” is said to have begun sometime in the 1990s when S.Korea first began exporting music to places such as China and Japan.


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