Annoucement! No more fashion blogging

I have decided to not write anymore blog posts about fashion. You can still read the past fashion blog posts, but to narrow the focus of this blog I’ll be sticking to music as a topic. Whether it be reviews on music videos, talking about survival music shows, live stages, etc. Every now and then I will probably make a blog post about movies or tv shows.

And so from this point on fashion will no longer be blog posted about. 

Thank you and have a nice day!


[CP] New subject: Lyrics (Romajii Japanese music)

Originally posted: September 26, 2015

I will now start putting up English transliteration lyrics of Japanese songs!

English transliteration of Japanese is also known as: Romanized Japanese or Romajii.

Transliteration means writing words of one language to another. So there’s not just romanized Japanese out there but also Korean transliterated into Japanese such as this site:

An example from that site would be

りっすてぃっ すてぃっ せうご <—Japanese transliteration of Korean
립스틱 스틱 세우고                     <—-original Korean lyrics
リップスティック スティック 立てて <—–Japanese TRANSLATION.
—-Orange Caramel “Lipstick” (first line)

Personal blog

So I’ve made changes around this blog. It’s no longer going to be this random thing that I feel like playing around with the features with.

This blog will now be my own personal blog. I hope with this it’ll prevent me from using Facebook like it’s my own personal blog, which I feel is not the point of the service.

All those thoughts deep and shallow of mine about the world, politics, education and life I will put on here.

I will put on here also any new clothes that I bought and want to share with…maybe. XD

But most importantly I’ll use this blog to talk about my music tastes and whenever I feel like pointing out a specific song or artist.

I have also decided to use my real name here because I wanted one place besides social media like Facebook, where I won’t be behind an alias. So it’s very likely this is a place that will be shared with friends and family.