Lester Holt and School System

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I believe this is very helpful for those who have attention disorders. Seriously, sitting down all day is not helpful at all if someone has that. If anything it just makes things worse.
Additionally, this approach can also be very helpful for those who are smart but school isn’t for them. School isn’t a place with an environment that fits everyone.
I believe that the environment of schools could also be different if certain systems in place were changed like standards and teacher grading.
I know I am very fortunate to have very good teachers throughout my entire school career. Most of them were quite passionate about their work and cared for their students. I even have some of them on social media as part of my friend’s list. They even taught me certain things that wasn’t part of the standards. However, I feel as though the standards that were in place when I learned and even now kind of held them back. At times, I felt as though we all had to rush just to meet the standards in place.
I have talked with many people about their school experinces and what I have gotten from them is: “I didn’t learn anything and took it with me. I just passed this class.”
And at this point of this very long response to this video. I am starting to believe I should write a letter to the state’s government.


A Dream English Class

The title explains the content which will be written below:

English is a period in school that I enjoy. The reading, seeing the events in works of literature (both fiction and non-fiction) play out in my head. Though the essays are what I’m not a fan of. Perusasion, non-fiction essays. Everytime I write one it seems to not be of the same level as when I write a fiction story. Why can’t there be a class where we write a story instead of an essay?

The topic of the essay or the question for the essay will be the theme. While our views and arguments are written through the character’s and setting themselves within the story. This in my head seems to be much more easier than writing an essay with thesis (which now that I’m in a different place to receive education, makes no sense to me whatsoever despite all the re-readings of passages and articles I’ve done that tries to explain to the reader what the thesis is).
To me an essay is a form of writing that restricts my thoughts more than writing a short story which can have my views on a certain topic. It seems to be more easier to write a short story where, through a character’s story, you can try to persuade the reader to have a certain view then through another character’s story contradict that view.

Say for example that the topic is about Libertarian and Green Party vs. Democrat and Republican parties in United States. Why do you think Democrat and Republican are mostly the main parties, along with why no presidents from the present to the past was not someone from the Libertarian or Green Party? Your thoughts is that the reason why Democrat and Republican are the main parties is because politics is one big ol’ popularity contest. You go to show this by having the Democrats and Republicans be represented by characters that are visual appealing, eye candy. Which sucks the sub-characters in. One’s disapproval can be clearly shown for Democrats and Republican if someone makes them the “bad” guys. Yet, not entirely “bad” because a persuaive essay has more than just pointing out the “evils” of the opposing side it also shows the “goods” too. (The same thing works in reverse for the “good” guys the Libertarians and Green Party). Though how can this be shown in a persuaive story? Their personalities can be what shows the “bad” side but their backgrounds, ideals or dreams can show the “good” side, for both the “good” guys and the “bad” ones.

This all may seem really complicated idea to someone who’s not much of a fiction writer or to someone who won’t even dare do all that work for something that they can just write out on their own. To me though, just straight out writing my opinions and thoughts about something in a essay plus providing evidence and quoting along with having to introduce them both in some sort of format is something that is challenging to me. It’s not impossible, eventually I get there but I’m not happy with the result because I just give up and write whatever. When it comes to writing, for me structure only seems to work in my mind so far until it all becomes some frusterating mountain I must climb over in order to get something done. Writing a fiction story instead of an essay seems to be so much more easy, I can make something right off the spot and provide background plus reasoning for it just seconds later.