Gulnara Koshenovo [Гульнара Кошенова]

I do not speak Russian or Kazakhs.

I copied and pasted her name written like this: “Гульнара Кошенова” from one of her videos.

Gulnara Koshenova is a singer from Kazakhstan.

A country who’s neighbours are: Russia (north), China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

I would guess that her ethnicity is Kazakhs, however I am very open to being wrong to that due to Kazakhstan’s multiple ethnic groups.

Ethnic groups in Kazakhstan: Kazakhs, Tartars, Ukrainians, Germans, Russians, Uzbeks and Uyghurs. 

Just recently Gulnara Koshenova’s song Сезим (Чувство)” came out. It was uploaded on the channel Ello.

The song was sung in Kazakhs. To me the music video seems pretty abstract style wise. It features many shots of Gulnara, capturing her beauty well in multiple outfits. The music video while capturing the singer’s physical beauty doesn’t let the singer’s voice and the music be covered by it.


Gulnara Koshenova can also sing in English as seen in this cover:


Apparently she also has a YouTube channel: