MNL48: AKB48 in Philipines

This content was originally posted on another site, but I decided to move it here. It was posted March 28, 7:05 pm.

Not even the Philipines is safe from AKB48. Since there’s going to be a MNL48.…/
“original roster has 48.”
But currently there’s like 100+ members in total. AKB48 isn’t a girl group it’s actually a SUPER girl group. Super Girl group is when a girl group is made up of multiple girl groups. In AKB48 case it’s made up of girl group Team A, Team B, Team K and then it has like it’s own trainee group. Which girl gets to go into which single is decided by votes and rock paper scissors.

…I’m not a fan of AKB48. It’s just they’re like everywhere! I can’t watch no Japanese talk show (variety show) without seeing at least one person that is or was in AKB48.

This is placed within Japanese Music because: 1. The creator of this system is Japanese 2. It’s a sister group of a Japanese band  3. It is very likely that MNL48 like other sister groups of AKB48 will be singing AKB48 songs in their respective language.