Daichi Miura ふれあうだけで~Always with You~ (lyrics) [CP]

originally posted: September 26, 2015

full-mv.html<–transliterating (romanizing) lyrics from

There may be some errors in here. Sorry. ^.^’ Please do not steal! I did not steal these, though I did notice at the time of posting someone already posted up romanized lyrics. I did not realize this until AFTER I was done taking time to romanize them. D:

kono te wo nobashite sono hoo ni furete
anata no kokoro wo kanjitai

tatta sore dake de
sekai ha kirameki dasuno motto

mamoritai anata wo
fureaeru kyori de ima
nuku mori wo wake aitai

mamoritai anata wo
afuredasuko no mede subete wo tsutsumuyou ni
sotto eien

sono mune ni te wo ate hitomi wo tojireba
anata no koe ga kikoeru no

fuan mo itami mo
keshi satte agetai zutto kitto

tsutaetai anata no
soba ni irareru koto ga
“konna ni mo ai oshii” to

tstaetai anata ni
kotoba yori fukaku tada
yorokobi wo okuritai
gyutto yori sotto

dakishimeru tabi ni omoi ha hitotsu ni naru
kono te de sono te de anata meaeru kiseki ga
sou itsumo demo kesshite owarame you ni

mamoritai anata wo
fure aeru kyori de ima
mekumori wo wake aitai

mamoritai anata wo
afuredasu kono me de subete wo tsutsumu you ni
sotto eien ni
sotto eien ni



orginally posted: July 15, 2015

So I do listen to music from many different countries around the world….

Laos is one of them.

It is also one that I noticed that I don’t really know much about it. I believe it could be because of how that country is. I could tell from music videos that the cameras used in it aren’t always the same cameras used in the U.S.

There’s different kinds of cameras and each type has it’s own way of capturing material. Some cameras produce more sharper pictures, others pictures with high contrast, etc. etc.

Anywhoo today I thought: “Hmm…How many bands/groups do I know?”

Girl Group:


Boy Group/Band



That really isn’t a lot, so went on a search to find more!

And I did thanks to this site:


There does seem to be a limit though. With music videos coming from record companies/Youtube channels: Indee Records, KPY Entertainment, Valentine Music, Lao Pride Records.

It’s a pretty neat site. And I mean that in more than just things aren’t all over the place. XD

My Discoveries

Super One

It’s a boy group.

Or so I thought.

When I researched this “boy group” it seems like Super One is just a singer. ONE singer.

But I am confused, it SEEMS. I’m not even too sure if it IS.

But hey, I have found this video:

o.o And Genii went through member changes since I last heard them.

I am just going to quote the site I posted a link above on this.

“For the first time ever we get to see the new Genii all together in a music video with the release of “Hou Thun Jao Dee”. The now four member girl group consists of former members Ey and Ching along with two new comers Mui and Mee.

Although we miss Thip as a member,”

I find it quite difficult to keep up with the Laotian music scene. I think it’s been years since I’ve heard any Genii songs. So far I am one of the very very veerrrrry few people I know that listen to Laotian music. As compared to like K-pop or J-pop….OR U.S pop.

However, I am grateful for not getting region blocked. Which I found to be…a bit annoying when it came to watching videos from other countries. From Nigeria to bulgaria to Italy to Japan. Region blocking. Everywhere! Everywhere? EVERYWHERE.

Though my search for groups and bands did not end with nothing definite being found.

I DID find this duo, GB2:

http://laopop4u.blogspot.com/2013/01/gb2-duo-reveals-debut-mv_16.htmlSays they’re from PMK Records.

Though I see more hope from me in the future finding sites like this:


And this article:


I mean it’s not much possible additions to add to list of Laotian bands/groups that I know. But it’s still something!


Yep….that was pretty much the search. I guess it was sucessful but I wish I could’ve found more. D:

Sevdaliza “Human”[Intrepretation]

This music video is on the deep side. O-O If you pay attention to more than a woman in jeweled pasties dancing in the dirt.

She’s in a horse arena.
Usually horses are groomed and dressed in jewels just to be presented in this area.
The grooming for this sort of event usually takes so long.

Just like how an artist/performer takes a very long time and lots of effort to present their art piece.

But a lot of times people don’t see all the background effort that goes into that along with thinking of these artists/performers as a kind of super human. When really they are just human beings.

When she takes off the robe and you can see the jeweled pasties(?) the lyrics at that part are:
“I am sweat, flaws
I have veins, scars
I am human
Nothing more than human.”

Also, Sevdaliza is Iranian-Dutch, so looking at this video I also thought of: Whatever differences we may seem to have aren’t what makes us more or less of a human. We all are the same thing inside.

Ringo Sheena (椎名林檎) Marathon

I seem to be going on a marathron over here I keep listening to Ringo Sheena songs.

This is one of her English songs~  She also produced and written this very song for another singer, Chiaki Kuriyama. Ringo Sheena and Chiaki Kuriyama have worked before. This song is used in the drama “Himitsu Chouhouin Erika” where Kuriyama acts as the main character, Erika. Anyways~ I really like how there’s a whole Bossa Nova thing going on in this song.

I think she may end up being a singer that ends up on my favorites list because I am really loving the music I’ve heard of her so far.

Other songs I’ve heard by her:

I have no idea what genre of music this song will fit into. Iroha ni hoheto is an interesting songs. It has elements to it that I really like. Sheena’s voice is quite high pitched in this and contrasting to this is her sexiness. I really like it when sexy and high pitches (cute) comes together. This song also gives hope for me to sing songs in my high pitched voice but still have an element of sexiness to my performance.

I love the tone of her voice in this. Plus there’s Aya and Bambi in here. There’s also this element of sexy to it that I notice is a pattern in her performances. But on top of that a lot of her performances make me think of a jazz singer in an nightclub within the olden days. You know the kind you mostly see in movies these days, like Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.