Dream Clothes 2: Dress I [CP]

originally posted: September 26, 2015

I’ve decided to do things in categories now. With each category having different parts to it. That way it’ll be more organized. To top that off, there’s also what number the post is in the series by the title of this series.

For example

Clothes I would like to Wear 2: Dress pt 1

Clothes I would like to wear <—Title of the series

2<—-Number it is in the series, from earliest to latest


pt 1<—the number it is in the category.

The clothes I actually wear is very different from the clothes I would like to wear. And so here’s: Clothes I would like to Wear 2: Dress pt 1

As with before if there’s an entire outfit in the post it’s very likely that I like the entire outfit. However, unlike in the first part of the series which was not as organized as this one, I will also state which parts of the outfit I don’t like along with maybe some comments about parts of the picture I like or additional information.

【2013 A/W】肌魅せ☆彡ゆったりVネックとブラックレースが大人SEXYなゆるピタセットアップ風ワンピース [GR1309028]


I usually like heels like these. The ones that look like Mary Janes, just because I feel like my feet are secure and if I ever have the need to kick something or run really fast they won’t slip off.

【2013 A/W】肩魅せ抜け感で色気をプラス☆贅沢ボリューミーカットフレアーニット千鳥柄ワンピース [GR1308012]


I like the addition of the belt. There’s another picture at the link above that shows the mary jane heels paired up with this outfit.

(G3)【2013 A/W】クラシカルLadyを演出☆スモーキーカラー千鳥柄ニットドルマンワンピース [GR2027]


The belt looks plain from this angle but it isn’t! If I wore this I would wear a plain black sash or belt with it. Or I would turn the belt around so the plain back part of it would be in the front.

59th Street - Set: Lace-Top Chiffon Dress + Belt


Probably change the plain black belt to a colorful one.


I would love it if this dress was a different color. Like Champagne Pink


or Apricot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shades_of_orange#Apricot

Miss Hong - Peter-Pan Collar Knit Minidress


Just the dress. I really like this dress because it reminds me of the dress IU (solo Korean singer) wore in her song “You and I”. I loved the dress in that song. The only difference between that dress and this dress is the fact that this dress has lace for the pan collar and cuffs while “You and I” dress was just plain.


Envy Look - Scoop-Neck A-Line Knit Dress


Yes, I look at a lot of Asian clothing brands. Reason why is because they always have clothes in my size. I’ve mentioned in Clothes that I like to Wear: Casual? 1 {https://blackrosewhitelotus.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/clothes-i-would-like-to-wear-casual-1/} that I’m small and skinny. Not implying that everyone of Asian descent is small and skinny, (by everyone I mean everyone not just the celebrities people see on television, YouTube or online.) because that’s certainly not true. People of all ethnic backgrounds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from top to bottom. (I really do mean TOP to bottom. As in from the faces, like eyes, nose, ears, etc. to legs and feet.) I believe that everyone should maintain a healthy body for themselves and not try to mold themselves to fit into the socially “accepted” form of beauty. Screw a good chunk of social rules, I feel they do nothing but limit ourselves and for certain people put them in a not so good mood.

XD I went from clothes I would like to wear to showing my strong views of society’s beauty and social rules. Not an entirely bad tangent, since I AM talking about fashion and fashion is related to beauty.



orginally posted: September 26, 2015

Dream Clothes aka Clothes I would like to wear.

The clothes I wear is very different from the clothes I would like to wear.

Clothes I wear is generally shoes, skinny jeans, leggings, tank tops and boots.

Clothes I would like to wear:

(If the picture contains a full outfit it is very likely that I like the full outfit)

Lane172 - Rib-Trim Lace-Up Boots


Knit Top and Mini Skirt <br>SET


Houndstooth Top and Mini Skirt





Crop Tops are the same:







In general when I look in clothes I try to imagine myself in them. So I can see myself wearing them and looking good. I try to avoid horizontal stripes for tops because of my broad shoulders and that from what I’ve seen produces an effect of making my shoulders wider along with collar cuts that are angular. I believe circle looking cuts are more good looking for me. I also like things that show off my legs because they are long.

Though I probably shouldn’t wear skinny jeans and jeggings (the stretchy kind), I like wearing them because I like clothes that fit close to my skin. Due to the fact that I’m skinny and small (it’s healthy for me due to my genetics but if another woman my age with different genetics with my size and weight she would probably be considered unhealthy or anorexic.) skinny jeans don’t fit as tightly as they do to other people their more like regular jeans, while jeggings are like skinny jeans and regular jeans are kind of baggy and baggy well that’s just uncomfortable to me. I mostly like tightly fitted clothes to prevent myself from getting caught on anything. Whenever I wear baggy bottoms they always get caught on something, the same kind of applies to shirts too.

I’m going to make more posts of clothes I would like to wear later. This is going to be a series~ Hopefully the next posts will be a bit cleaner, sorry for the mess. Maybe I’ll do dresses, skirts, shoes, jeans, outerwear for each individual post?

RECAP: Glory Jane Last Episode [CP]

originally posted: September 26, 2015

This along with this whole entire blog was suppose to be put up far much more earlier but I kept having problems so I couldn’t post this up until now. Everything was all originally written 2012/16/ 2 or 2/16/2012. This is my first recap so please excuse the noobnes~

~Sorries. I was so busy handwriting down notes and then I typed this up and it’s still notey but don’t worry! There’s some things in here that’s not so notey in here~

-So I missed an episode or two..or five. I’ll still take the time to write-

-Ah! There’s no other episodes! And I apologize, I just didn’t feel like it or didn’t have the time. But oh I could’ve bought the DVD if only..if only..I had the money-

-Um..I don’t know this language.
I have little or no knowledge of this language so if there are any mistakes I apologize.

(My attempt at the little statements you see at Wikias where an articles in unfinished or something.)

Yeonggwang has a new hairstyle. First thing I noticed.
He decides to quit Sales Team 1 to be baseball.
There are some disappointments but everyone supports him.
He gets Jae in

Wants revenge against Seo Incheol. He plans to become his right hand man like he did for his father and betray him like what he did also.

Next scene!
Inwu asks Heo to help restore Yeonggwang confidence for the baseball field. After he asks him for help and Heo says he gave up baseball 10 years ago.

Next scene!
Baseball training

Hyonui and the gangsta guy watches. Hyuni gives facts.
Heo quit baseball because of a bad injury.
Daesong (The clean freak!) was a Geodae player, he was famous for having a killing curve. But he quit because though he had a killer curve he never made it in the strike zone. He was a killer curve pitcher who could never strick out batters.
She makes an observation that Yeonggwang isn’t strong enough.

More training~
Heo gives yeonggwang advice on his training tips, giving him warning that he will ruin his knee joints and break a rib by the outdated training he’s doing.
Tells him to not use the sandbags (for the knee) tells him to use the sandbags (for the ribs)
Heo trains Yeonggwang.
Inwu sees him playing a practice game and how he is doing bad at it. He comments he won’t be the home run king if he is already tired from the small practice game. He watches more, sees Yeonggwang fail and notes that it is “Pretty boring” to watch Yeonggwang play.
Bit disappointed Yeonggwang is in the locker room, then sees a note from Jae in on his locker.
“Become the home run kind, okay?”
This lifts Yeonggwangs mood as he gets a flashback of Jae in saying the exact same thing when they were young.

9 months later in fall

It’s breakfast time and grandmother comments ma’am forgot to set a plate for Jae in. Ma’am says Jae in went to work. Grandmother says she must’ve forgot and that she’s going senile. (She actually has an illness that’s really affecting her more than it has in previous episodes)

The oldest of the two sisters Yeonggwang has says she won’t be able to eat breakfast due to the fact that she is late.
The youngest Jingu skips breakfast also because she’ll be late for her job. Ma’am is shocked at this and asks if she has given up her acting dream. Jingu says no and says she wanted to give herself an allowance.

Grandmother calls for Jae in and Yeonggwang. Ma’am says one went to work (JI) and the other is doing baseball. (yg) [Grandmother’s illness is really bad. O.O]

Jingu is at work, she is orderd to clean tables. She says she will do her best happily.

Geodae International Seo Incehol is applauded and complimented on the good work he has done for the company. We see him proudly sitting at his desk. His assitant asks him if there’s anything that he needs and Inwu comes back on screen. He scoffs at him.

Seo Incheol: (to assistant) Close the door on your way out [Thought he was talking to Inwu before the camera turned to her..the assistant that is]

Jae in’s out walking with her detective friend. Looking a lot better but looks like she still needs help with some things. They talk about Jae in. JI’s mom says she bought two more alarm clocks so she won’t be late for her job tommorrow, she notes that she is like her dad. The detective agrees but adds on saying he was always late anyway. JI’s mom hopes that she did not inheirt that also.

Jae in is pedaling like a speed demon a bike as she thinks to herself: I’m late! She gets dressed in a uniform. [which made me think she was a coach of some sort] She then rushes to the meeting place and hides. Before she comes out and crashes to someone. A voice calls out her name she looks up and sees a familar face. A woman with glasses, clipboard in her hand who is soon surprised that she is there.
“Still getting in trouble?”
“Still talking back.”
She says to JI who apologizes and chuckles nervously.
The woman orders everyone it’s time to do the rounds, except for one, JI who is ordered to organize equipment in 30 minutes. [Reminds me of a certain task given to her while she was still a trainee for Sales Team 1] JI cheerfuly says Yes! Which surprised the woman.
The hopsital is busy as JI goes to organize the equipment.

Coach not happy everyone on the team is like injured

See Yeonggwang getting prepared swinging as it is suggested or mentioned that he should join the major team
-Coach shows no faith, player comments the look in his eyes is different from before. After a bit more of talking he decides to allow him on the team

See crowd cheering
Annoucer annoucing the game.
Commenting its cold.
An hour ago it was windy and raining

Noodle Shop
Grandmother and Mother see the tv is on. Customer calls out. Mother tells grandmother to say something when yeonggwang is on

Jingu at work
She mets a guy who is watching the game on his cell phone and mentions that she knows the Geodae dragons. He seems to be interested

At game

Sales team one is at the game. Hyonui comments Jane is late and camera pans to empty seat next to Daesong


Jane is at the hopsital, finally off work and changed into street clothes. She looks at her ticket and is on her way to leave but a nurse comes to her and says a bad and big accident has happened. Jane thinks while the camera goes to..

The game
IT is commented by player that Yeonggwang is missing.
A comment from (that one dude) is that the Geodae team is slow.

-Injured patients everywhere. IT’s a bloody mess.
We see Jane is changed and is helping with a patient that another nurse is struggling to help. The woman before is satisified with this.

Base ball
The Geodae team is loosing. While Yeonggwang still is not there

Jae in
-Jae in helps more patients

The game

Yeonggwang is still swinging

Jae in is still helping

The Geodae team is now loosing very badly

Jae in still helping patients with the game

The annoucers comment that Geodae team is losing. The players feel chased and that the double play will be the desieve desicion (wahtever that means)
The players feel nervous as they watch the game from the pit.

Jae in looks at her watch and is surprised how late it is.
The woman comments that Jae in was slow dressing the patient’s wounds. Jae in immdiately apologizes. The woman then compliments how she handeled the blood (remember the other nurse couldn’t do it and Jae in steps in and the woman is satisified with this.) Jae in is shocked, thanks the woman and says she’ll work harder. The woman being critical again says she should stop exgerrating. Jae in’s energy goes down and she apologizes. The woman tells her to write an apology letter tommorrow bfore dismissing her.
JAe in checks her watch then runs

The game
Geodae is still sucking booty.
The annoucer annouces another batter. And Yeonggwang is still swinging. The coach then orders for someoen to get Yeonggwang and he stops swinging. Jae in make sit to the game in time to see Yeonggwang heading to the pitcher’s plate.

Noodle shop

The grandmother says Yeonggwang is on and the mother quickly runs to see her son.

Jingu sees the game from the customer’s (dude’s) phone and comments that the guy on the plate is her brother. After she sparked the interest of the guy and he asked if he knew her after she cried out his name.
Everyone’s spirits are now lifted as antcipation quickly comes in the crowd begins to cheer Yeonggwang’s name.
Inwu smiles and says, “You’re finally up to base.”
Jae in dramatically says his name and takes out the famous base balls before syaing he could do it.
A moment of silence happens and the cheers are distorted. Yeongwang strikes once…The crowd’s mood is dampened. He strikes twice…the crowd again is dampened but still cheers him on. The pitcher throws the ball as a slow mo happens in the most dramatic way and Yeonggwang…
“I raced froward for this moment.” He thinks as he focuses. A flashback happens to the ups and downs of what has happened in that year at the company, when he played baseball before, moments with Jae in, etc.
“I’m offering this moment to my father.” We see is father Kim Inbae looking at the us then turning around to walk. “Watch me Jae in.”
Jane says his name twice. Yeonggwang can see the ball coming to him, he swings the bat and…
He gets a home run!

Everyone is happy.
And Inwu is…well
“IS he really going to be the homerun king? That’s going to be a pain for me.”

We then skip to another scene with Inwu. He talks to Yeonggwangs oldest of the two sisters he has. And comments she missed seeing Yeonggwang’s home run before asking is he has made a desicion. She gives him a envelope while saying that inside is proof of Seo Incheol embezzling’s. Inwu thanks her for being on his side. But she tells him he’s not on his side, she just doesn’t want Seo Incheol to get away with what he is doing.

Fast Forward~

We see a large poster of Yeonggwang in baseball attire on the wall. Grandmother says he’s her son. The mother looks at grandmother and says her son is Kim Inbae, Yeonggwang is her son. Grandmother’s response:
“Your son is my son.”

We see Jingu (Youngest of Yeonggwang’s 2 sisters) in the store buy soybean or soymily or whatever soy thing she’s getting with the guy she met at the restraunt during the game were Yeonggwang gets the home run. Both are trying to decide what brand they should get.

Sales Team 1.
Heo annouces they all get a bonus for top sales. Everyone cheers and pitches in about what part they’ll play in the celebration.
As Heo thinks:
“You’ll learn to be grateful of little things like this and appreciate them.”

Seo Incheol gets arrested in his office for Embezzlement by Jae in’s mom’s friend, Yeonggwang’s sister.
“There are things that can’t be forgiven.” – Yeonggwang’s siter

We then see Inwu is wiht a woman. Both are happy as he takes a picture and thinks.
“I gained the energy to live again because I could love you.”

We see Jae in getting a text and it’s from….Inwu! *gasp* She smiles at the photo that he sent to her. And says, “Another miraculous day begins.” She then goes to the storage and is overwhelmend by how much boxes there are. She shakes her head to get her thoughts from keeping her to do it and tells herself she can do it, with her trademark catchphrase Yeah! At the end. She then hears a voice asking: “Is anyone there?” She doesn’t respond and continues to work even after the question is asked by the same voice twice and she goes to investigate. She looks around and Bam! Popping out from behind a christmass tree is none other then Mr. homerun baseball player Yeonggwang!

Yeonggwang: Do you know me?
JAe in: (Says numerous amounts of facts about his baseball career at a pace that I just can’t requote her, sorries.)
Yeonggwang: How are you?
Jae in: I’m fine, how’s the training?
[Missed something here..yep yep.]
Yeonggwang: Will you marry me?
If I become homerun kind will you marry me?

OST plays as there is silence and smiles exchange. (Yea no one says anything…think there would be a yes or something but no. Just Jae in: 😀 yeonggwang: 😀 It’s assumed they are getting married. but what if they didn’t? Waht a twist that is!)
Camera zooms out as we see snow.

~Thank you for watching Glory Jane~

Credits roll and we see pictures of:
1. The famous ball
2. Inwu
3. Jane
4. Jae in and Yeonggwang in there famous moment
5. The title, logo..thing
5. And other character’s which I will not mention
6. And backstage stuff.

Now for some quotes!

Geumbok:Back to the Future 2! Terminator 2! Fast and Furious 2
Two! Two! Two! Two! Two! Two! Two! Two!
– Glory Jane

(after Germaholic, Daesong accuses the guy of sabotaging Yeonggwang)
Geumbok: Two cops two! Two two two two!

(slaps away hands) What are you doing using violence on a woman?

Kim Yeonggwang: I told you I won’t move until the annoucment is over. It isn’t over yet.

Yun Jane: The employees are the company.

Heo Yeongdo : Don’t use violence next time. Just knock. Then we’ll open up the door.

Heo: You dare to mess with me and my team. You poked a beehive

Yun Jane: And what you are going to do is sit in that chair. I will bring you down.
chairman: I will make you lose everything.
Inwu: If that happens you will lose me. I’m included in what she has left. If she
loses everything she will lose me. So stop it.

Hongju [meanish girl]: You told me to answer it. You got a problem make a complaint.

Hongju: 1, 2, 3, Cue!
Heo: (Freezes)
Hongju: Geumbok cue!
Geumbok: Mr. Seo!! Get away! Get off of him! Don’t you know he has hypertension?
Hongju: Rescue Team Cue!
(rescue team arrives)
[Lines later..]
Hongju: Exit Heo.

Hongju: Lobby all clear.

Geumbok: We only have Jane left.
Heo: Public sentiment is like a wave.

– Glory Jane [2/8/2012 Wednesday] (Episode 20)

(Yeonggwang & Inwu do a handshake fist pump thing)

Heo: To your locations
everyone: Yes sir.
Heo: (tips hat to a man)
Wheare are you? (calling yeonggwang)
Yeonggwang: I’m at the hospital with her. We’ll leave soon

Jae in: Watch over me so I can do a good job

[Text to Yeonggwang from Jae In’s phone]
I’m in the parking garage with Mr. Seo.

Jae in: I hav 49% of shares signed by Company employees. And I have
9% signed by executives. I have 51% of shares and I am able to oppose you.

Jae in: You’ve been accused of Slush Funds and Tax evasion. I’d like
to hear an explanation explaning htose accusions.

Jae In: It’s not slander I have proof.
Incheol: Hello sir
Seo: Inchel you

Jae in: You should stop now sir.

-Glory Jane [2/9/2012] (episode 21)