Wanna watch! Film Edition 2: 2017 films

The second part of Wanna Watch! Film Edition. A very biased list of films I want to watch in the year of 2017.

1.Beauty and the Beast

My dream musical/theatre role is to be Babette (The feather duster). I’ve seen Lumiere  (candle) and Cogsworth (clock) picture teasers and it’s very interesting! Especially since Lumiere doesn’t seem to have a face….

2. Power Rangers

GO GO POWER RANGERS! Yea, this is mostly because of nostalgia.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

I don’t really watch or consume that many Marvel materials. The first movie was interesting.

4. Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man Tell no tales

I think we will see Will Turner’s (Orlando Bloom) son finally all grown up! WHOOO!

5. Wonder Woman

I’m a DC fangirl. I wonder which of the many Wonder Woman backstories they will use for this one? And yes, your memory is correct I did spoil about this film in the first list.

6. Spider-Man: Homecomming

To be honest, I’m just here for Zandaya. XD It’ll be nice if there was a Black Cat refrence or something.

7. Justice League

Surely, this will heal Aquaman’s (Jason Momoa) sullied reputation, the one that was destoryed by Super Friends for the general public. Also, JASON FREAKIN MOMOA! I follow his instagram, he’s a cool person. I want to see him in more roles. 

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