Dream Clothes: 3 [CP]

Originally posted: September 26, 2015

Another list of Clothes I would like to wear.

tralala 2 グレンCKドットジャンスカ

I like: Brown skirt with suspenders

tralala 2 千鳥AラインJSK

I like: Entire outfit

ageha [72064]ミディアム丈Wテーラジャケット L★D

I like: Entire outfit, mostly the pale colored jacket though.

tralala 2 ウール風プリーツコート

I like: the jacket


I like: These heels design but the height…it looks a bit high.


I like: The design of these heels

sobre [72001]キュートバルーンワンピース

I like: Just the black dress in this.