Wanna watch! Film Edition 1: 2016 films

This is pretty much a very biased and personal list of films I want to watch that was released this or will be released this year.


Was so happy when this got released. Cause…I won’t be struggling to find Deadpool merchandise. XD I still haven’t finished this game. One of the very few marvel things I touch. The rest would be X-Men, Blade, Iron Man and Black Cat.

2.Suicide Squad

Okay, this film ended up cutting out a good chunk of Joker and Joker and Harley Quinn scenes. I kinda feel bad for Jared Leto but at least he got paid. I kinda want to watch it because at least Katana and El Diablo are still there. So maybe my DC inner fangirl will be satsified with that?

3. Zootopia

I like bunnies. I see the main character is bunnies. But I’ve also heard it had some deep messages in it.

4. Alice Through the Looking Glass

Oh this is going to be so hard to watch. It was a dream of mine to work with Alan Rickman [RIP] and this is like the last Alan Rickman and Tim Burton film. I’m going to cry y’all if I see this! Robbie Kay, Elliot Knight, Taraji P.Henson and Benedict Cumberbatch, I hope they all live long enough so I can at least fulfill those dreams.

5. Warcraft

I never played this game. Since like 2007, I’ve been in an seemingly endless debate with myself on whether or not to play this game. This movie, like the game seems very interesting. The problem is, will I ACTUALLY decide on watching it or will I be having an endless debate with myself?

6. Finding Dory

I don’t know what to say for this. I wanna watch ’cause its a sequel 

7. The Legend of Tarzan

I like Jane in this movie. That is all, I just want to see that nice yellow dress in live action. It’s a dress that comes from eras ago and I like old historical stuffs like that.

8. The Secret Life of Pets

Remember when I said I liked bunnies? Pretty much the reason why I want to watch it.

9. Batman: The Killing Joke

Did I mention I was a DC fangirl? Yes? Well this is one of the stories where Joker’s backstory isn’t a mystery he actually has a backstory. But Joker like Wonder Woman [who you’ll see later in this list series. oops spoiler] has so many different backstories

10. Sausage Party

I will be that person eating a hot dog as I watch this. Though, in one of the trailers I couldn’t help but notice that toilet paper was alive. So, shockingly, it seems to be more than just living food.

Yet to be released:


She’s a pacific islander Disney characte  AND a newcomer voice actress. OH MY GOSH! FINALLY. It’s nice to see new blood. I’ve seen the trailer and it’s so beautifully animated.

2. Assassin’s Creed

The story does NOT connect with the video game. But I’m a history fangirl, which is pretty much the reason why I played Assassin’s Creed. I’m curious as to how this will turn out. 

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